How to Take Awesome Pictures of Fire (from your smart phone.)

One night this summer, Dad told me to burn some boxes, so I did. While I was lighting stuff on fire, I thought it would be a good time to grab my phone and see if I could snap a couple pictures. I took way more than a couple, and figured out how to take pictures of fire that looked EPIC.

How to do it:

  • To take an Epic fire picture it needs to be in focus, or it will turn out something like this:


In order to fix this problem, I turned to my focus circle.

  • To turn on the focus circle, you need to open your little control panel  (Note: I am working with my android, which is a Moto G. I am not sure how to do all this with other androids, but it’s probably a similar process. If you’re using an Apple, your on your own.). To open this panel, slide your finger to the right.

The Control Panel


  • To turn on the focus circle, tap the symbol.


  • Now that it’s on, close the panel, and you should have something like this show up on your screen.


  • Drag the circle on the fire, then turn the brightness gauge all the way down (like so).


(Note: make sure you move the circle, then turn down the brightness. if you turn down the brightness before moving the circle, the brightness will go back up to where it was before.)

  • All you need to do next is snap the picture.


(Note: the color of the flames may vary between pictures)




  • Play with you angles and subjects a little. Be creative.

This one was taken with my phone in the grass:


l like the lone candle in front of the blaze:


  • Once you’ve taken some epic pictures, try editing them.

IMG_20150801_215025331  normal

IMG_20150802_084037 change of hue (its like Night Fury fire!).

IMG_20150915_183532IMG_20150915_183512 Negatives with different hues (my favorites).

  • Last but not least, if your into design, your new pictures could make some great backgrounds.

how to take fire

For the pyro maniacs,


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