Spider Morning


Hello again!

If any of you are wondering, yes I am still alive. Better yet, I have something to write about!

I don’t like really like spiders. I can tolerate them, but they are not my friends. Especially big ones.  (Thank you God that there are no Lord of the Rings or Hobbit sized spiders.)  One Tuesday morning however, these creepy creatures made something quite beautiful. It was cold and the grass was wet with the morning dew. I was outside, hanging up some clothes (The day was going to get warmer.) when I noticed something a little out of the ordinary. The grass was threaded with strands of spiderwebs. Not just a few here and there, mind you, they covered the grass, as if all the spiders on my hill had made an overnight exodus, leaving a trail of water beaded silk. The sun was reflecting off the spiderwebs, creating a small patch of rainbow on the ground. It was quite cool (though it was slightly creepy, walking through all those webs in bare feet.)

I had my phone with me, so I took a few pics.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, I made this thing called a New Years Resolution, part of which requires me to publish one blog post a week. So, if all goes well, (and my college classes don’t kill me,) you’ll be seeing more of me.

Have an awesome (spider-less) weekend!

The one and only,

Great Rising Puzzlement

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