Embarrassing Spelling Mistakes


How’s life?

As you can all tell, I’m surviving my college classes! YAY! The crowd goes wild! Anyway, today I am here to talk about spelling.

I am one of the world’s worst spellers (notice I only said  ONE of the worst, not THE worst). I find myself getting in trouble for spelling words wrong because they look similar to other words. To make you all feel better about your spelling (cause I can’t really be the only one, right? RIGHT?)  I am giving three of my spelling mistakes: one I make often, one I made recently, and one of my most popular.

Does (My most common)

This word is so annoying. I find myself spelling it DOSE instead of DOES (all the tech I use doesn’t auto correct it, so how am I to know its wrong?)

College (my most recent)

I recently made the mistake of spelling this as collage, instead of college. I actually did this writing my previous blog, Spider Morning (Don’t go looking for it cause my mom caught it before it was published. Love you mom!). This particular mistake would have been quite embarrassing (and ironic) because being able to go to college sort of means you should know how to spell the word COLLEGE.

Martin (my most popular) 

This one is a long story. Last school year I was in a writing class, and our final assignment was a twelve to fourteen page (I think) research report. I did mine on Marvel (I will admit, I am a bit of a fan girl). In my paper I mentioned a man named Martin Goodman (He started the newspaper company that started the Marvel comics or something like that.)

Guess how I repeatedly spelled his name? Martian Goodman. MARTIAN I TELL YOU! Have you ever met someone named MARTIAN Goodman?! It was on my final draft too. I have yet to live it down. (For the record, I blame the mistake half on my computers correction options, and my non-detail orientation.)

Have a good week you all!

And name your child Martian Goodman so my mistake doesn’t look so ridiculous.

Great Rising Puzzlement, at your service.


P.S. Did you enjoy my martian picture? His name is Goodman.


One thought on “Embarrassing Spelling Mistakes

  • Found myself laughing, especially with the Martin/Martian misspelling(loving Goodman, BTW)! I’ve always loved words and spelling, but I still struggle with certain words and want to spell them how I think they should be spelled. Forty is one of them, or is it fourty? Of course, my phone just told me there’s no “u” 😏


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