Tree House

G’day mates!

Sorry for not posting last Friday. I was immersed (and drowning) in school work. I didn’t really have much to write about ether. But now I do.

When me and my sis were little, we wanted a tree house. In my kid mind I wanted something like the Swiss Family Robinsons tree house: round rooms wrapped around a few thick, branching trees with swaying rope bridges between them. Lucky for me and my sister, we have an amazing grandfather, an awesome dad, and a few other relatives who built this tree house for us. It didn’t turn out quite like the Robinson castle I imagined, but it was quite awesome anyway.

If you want to be technical, it isn’t really a tree house. It’s more like a small, one room bungalow mounted forty feet up on four thick telephone poles. After it was finished, we decided that we wanted it to blend onto the forest (sarcasm sarcasm), so we painted it white, gray, and red (go buckeyes!).


Unless I was hanging out with friends or cousins, I didn’t go to the tree house much, mostly because of the spiders that lived there in the summer (we had some big wolf spiders.). We liked our tree house and had some fun times playing more than a few interesting versions of house.

Though the spiders aren’t the only critters that have made it up to our tree house. One or two of our cats have climbed up the fifteen foot ladder from our lower deck and have stood, meowing below our trap door. We’ve found evidence of some bird activity and  even had a mouse show up. I believe someone named him Chipper.

Point of it all is, now that I’m older, I don’t go up anymore. I try to avoid it, cause of the spiders and the overall inconvenience. Last Sunday however, I had to go up. My dad wanted me to sweep off the upper and lower floors, and it was either Sunday or Monday. I delayed as long as I could, but decided to do it on Sunday. Monday was supposedly going to be cold.

I hiked out and started sweeping the lower deck. It wasn’t too bad, though I still wasn’t happy about it. the weather was nice, the air fresh. After I was finished with the platform, I edged myself up the ladder and cautiously pushed open the trap door with the broom stick. I poked my head up.

Mouse poop. Yeah. (I suppose this means Chipper’s still here.)

I was a little scared something was going to drop on my head from above (like a previously mentioned wolf spider), so I pulled myself out of the trap door and slipped out onto the little outside porch to sweep it off first. Mom came up to keep me company, and actual ended up doing most of the inside sweeping for me (Love you mom!). I lingered in the doorway while she worked and we talked. That’s when I stared looking at the writings on the walls.

The inside of our tree house is bare wood, so when it was built, we had wrote our names on the walls with sharpie. This became sort of a tradition, and the people who visited, our friends, relatives, or people who were on our Pollack hill for a social gathering, wrote on the walls. Some just wrote there names and the date, while others wrote brief snippets or drew pictures.

It was interesting to see how people had changed from what they had written on the walls. My drawings are better now (My handwriting, well, not so much.). I was reminded of the people who had previously come up to the tree house and why. I even saw some things that weren’t there before, things my cousins must have put up when they had come without me. It was one of those bitter sweet moments, when your happy about the past, yet sad its over.

That moment was ruined when my phone slipped out of my pocket and fell fifteen feet below onto the lower deck while I was trying to leave the tree house.

So life lesson: When you hear that little voice of common sense telling you not to put your phone in your pocket cause you know it will fall out, obey it.

The Sun Still rises,


P.S. If any of you are worried, my phone was actual fine (so far). Luckily I had put its case on a short while ago. All three of the pieces that make up my case came off, but my phone is fine.  Thank the Lord for another day to live and for tough Androids.

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