The Grand Canyon (and other very originally named national parks)

I’m back!

Hope you all had an amazing start to your summer!

My family and I went on this trip to a bunch of national parks and saw lots of amazing things. In fact, we saw so many amazing things that I took over five thousand pictures. Today I’m going to try and condense my trip into thirteen. Wish me luck.

Exhibit A… The Grand Canyon 


My family and I are a little crazy, so we decided to hike down the Grand Canyon, stay two nights at the bottom, and hike back up.

Like I said, crazy.

But we did it, and no one fell off the edge or got eaten by a Mountain Lion.

One really cool thing about this part of the trip  (well, actually, the whole thing was cool, but one cool thing) was that from our campsite (Bright Angel Campsite near Phantom Ranch) you couldn’t see the top of the canyon. To get to the bottom we actually went inside a mini canyon inside the big canyon. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was still amazing.

Oh, and here is a portion of South Kaibab, the trail we took down into the canyon. Lovely, isn’t it?



The Petrified Forest/Painted Desert


I believe this was our next stop after the Grand Canyon. It was basically a lot of desert peppered by petrified logs. What do you call a petrified log anyway? Is it wood or stone?

An interesting thing about this place (and the Grand Canyon) is that there were ravens that liked to hang around people (waiting for food, no doubt). These birds were big! I shall name this one Kevin.


Horse Shoe Bend


This awesome river was located in Arizona . There were a lot of people at this spot, half of which spoke in a different language; Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, you name it. It was cool, but sometimes you wondered, what are they saying?



In Zion, we hiked a trail called the Narrows, which is like walking through a cold river/creek inside a canyon, with patches of land here and there to rest on. It was great on the way up the Narrows because the sun warmed us up, but on the way back, the whole river was covered in shadow.

The Arches (another original park name)


In this park, we decided to take some primitive trail called the Devil’s Garden. It was fun but there were a couple places along this trail where the only thing indicating where the trail continued were piles of rocks.

The Rocky Mountains (Hidden Lake)


This was our first hike in the Rockies, and it was pretty sweet. The cool atmosphere gave us a nice break from the blazing sun at the Arches.  Oh, and this is Weeping Rock. say hi Weeping Rock.


We saw a lot of animals in the Rocky Mountains; moose, elk, and even a coyote! Here are some of the friends I met along the way:

Mama moose and Baby moose:


Better picture of a moose:


Mister fuzzy antlers:


And Alvin:


Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!

The one and only,


P.S. I’m going to try setting up a project or gallery with more of my vacation pictures a little later.

Another P.S. Which picture did you like the most?



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