Trash bags (and the Problems they Pose to Teen Drivers)

Hello awesome peoples!

I’m scared by many things. Strangers. My friends. Noises in the night.

But Monday afternoon was one of the first times I’ve been frightened by a trash bag.

Rewind to July 11th, 2016. I was off to Stillwater (a horse barn where I volunteer), driving my grandparent’s van. There was nothing new here. I had driven this van before and had taken the route to Stillwater numerous times.

It was a warm day, so my window was rolled down, letting the breeze rush in as I drove the back roads.

A rustling sound, like wind blowing over a plastic Walmart bag, drew my attention. I ignored it. There must be a plastic bag in the back,  I thought.  I hadn’t seen this said bag before I left, but I hadn’t looked for it either.

I kept driving.

A trash bag flipped up into view of the far window, hitting the car and scaring any pleasure I was receiving from the car ride out of me. I felt a terrifying flash of adrenalin buzz through my skin and I slowed down.

I was  driving with a trash bag hanging from my outside mirror.

Rewind a few days. My parents had parked our camper beside the very van I was now driving, and had spent a considerable amount of time cleaning the camper, which was not a bad thing. The problem was that while they were cleaning, they decided to hang a trash bag on the van’s side mirror.

It was still hanging from the mirror.

I wonder what the person behind me was thinking. It’s not every day you see a girl driving down the road, trash bag waving like a white flag from her side mirror.

Whatever the person behind me was pondering, he slowed down as I did, maintaining a respectful distance . Random driver, I thank you for acting in consideration of my predicament.

My misadventure (thankfully) ended once I pulled off onto a turn-around and removed the mischievous bag of trash.

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had while driving?

Adios and check your car mirrors for trash bags.

The Great Rising Puzzlement

P.S. Apologies that the Tangled analysis is taking so long. I will eventually post it, I just thought I would post this while I was waiting.

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