For King and Country at the Alive Festival

Hello citizens of this fair world!

I’ve been a bit lazy recently, I will admit, so the movie analysis is (guess what?) not ready. But between last post and this post, I went to the Alive Festival!

This article isn’t really about the festival, just the pictures I shot of the for King and Country show,but I might as well give some background before I share.

What: The Alive Festival is a massive outdoor christian  music festival.

Where: This year the festival was held in Mineral City OH at some camp ground (Atwood Lake, if anyone cares.)

When: July. I almost melted.

Who: Over thirty christian artists, including For King and Country , NF, Casting Crowns, Rend Collective, Skillet, and many, many others.

How: Four days of camping, that’s how.

Now pictures.


I loved the lighting they used during this show. So dramatic.


Again, special lighting.

IMG_8035I thought this picture was cool of all of the band bowing and the fans clapping in the foreground.

Hope you liked the pictures!



Speaking of For King and Country, they have this movie coming out called Priceless, and it looks pretty cool. Here’s the trailer if you want to check it out.


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