Eli and the Shiny

Hello everyone!

A couple months ago I was challenged over at the Kingdom Pen Forum. Part of my challenge was to write from the perspective of a four month old.

A four month old, mind you. Not a four year old. A four month old. An infant. Do they even think conscious thoughts at that age?

I took the challenge and here’s how it turned out.

“There you go my wittle Eli.”
I grin and coo as my mommy lays me on my belly atop a square patch of blanket. I set my chin down on the softness. My head is sooo heavy.
A sound rings out from another room.
“I’ll be back, Eli.” Mommy turns away.
“Eh?” Where is she go….
Look at that!
A small something lays in front of me. It’s round and shiny. I want it.
But how am I going to get it? I tilt my head to the side and look at my arm. I had used it before. But I don’t just want to touch the shiny. I want to eat it.
How can I bring it to me?
I turn my head back and stare at the shiny. My eyelids start to droop. Maybe I have time for a nap before….
No! I want the shiny thing. I blink. It is still there, sparkling.
I raise my head and reach for it.
Wait a moment; when did that happen?
At the end of my arms something moves! They are chubby and small, the same light color as my arms. I close one. Then I open it. Amazing! I don’t remember having these. I open and close them again and again. They are so cool! I shall call them grabbers.
I pull my attention back to the shiny. My head is getting heavy again, so I give it a rest. After a moment I take a deep breath and lift my head again, reaching for the shiny. I am almost there. I can almost touch it.
But I’m too far away. I drop my head, arm still outstretched, and glare at the thing. I want to eat it! Then something entered my line of sight that made my mouth drop. What is that?
The thing is furry, and is slinking its way toward me on four legs. It glances at the shiny thing.
“Meow.” It says. It wants it too.
But I want it more.
“Awah!” I tell it to back off.
The meow ignores me, coming closer to my shiny.
I lift my head and push myself forward with all my strength. I almost have it, but so does the meow.
We reach for it, the meow with one of it’s four legs, me with my grabbers. I can see the black slits of my enemy’s eyes, can see it’s pink noise twitch.
“AHH!” with a massive lunge I grab the shiny and collapse.
The meow hisses and runs away.
Ha ha, take that meow! I glance at the door to make sure I am alone, then bring the shiny to my mouth.
“Eli, what do you have?”
I am suddenly lifted into the air and cradled in my mommy’s arms. Her head is big. Does she have trouble holding it up?
“Oh, Eli, you found my ring!”
I watch, helpless, as mommy pry’s the shiny out of my grabbers. But it is mine! I open my mouth to protest…..
What is that?
Another shiny dangles from mommy’s ear. I want it.
I want to eat it.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed my best attempts at replicating the thoughts of an infant! May your day be filled with shiny things (but please, please, don’t eat them.)

Till next time,

Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. the Great Rising Puzzlement)

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