Nine Somethings (And a Big Announcement)

Alas, the end of another month draws near. Since my originally planned blog post cough Sam story cough isn’t ready, I have decided to begin a monthly series.

In other words, I failed, so I must now make my failure look like it was actually part of my evil plan all along.

At the end (or near end) of each month, I’m going to post a summation of that month in the form of what I call my Somethings. Very specific I know.

Lets start with…

Something Achieved

I’m saving my achievement for the end. So that was a terrible something to start on.

Something Refreshing

Spring. It’s finally here! Just hearing the birds sing makes me excited.

Something Beautiful

This rendition of Nearer, My God to Thee. It will probably give you chills.

Something Hard

I’m taking a college drawing class. Our teacher had us work with charcoal.

Pain, thy name is burnt wood rubbed on nice paper. I worked over thirteen hours on a single piece. Here’s how it turned out if anyone’s wondering:

Charcol project

Something Sad

Life. Growing up. Facing the fact that everything’s going to change, one way or another, thanks to college. My friends will all leave me in their pursuit of higher education while I take a gap year, or I’ll go with them.

To go or not to go. That is the question.

Something Funny

This story I found on a fellow blogger’s blog (Sarah I hope you don’t mind…:)

Chronicles of Plerp: The Strange Tale of Gambergain’s Magic Spoon

Something Helpful

This month I realized I needed to shape up in respects to Bible study and my personal walk with God. The only problem I faced was myself. I’m not the most self-motivated person in the world, and therefore find it hard to make myself do certain things.

So I asked someone if they’d be my Bible Study Accountability Partner.

Problem solved. I don’t think I’ve missed a day of Bible study since. Seriously, if you’re struggling with working consistently at something, ask someone who you know will ask you about your efforts to be your accountability partner. It works.

Something Old

I recently started reading a little known book called The Fellowship of the Ring. My dad read it to me as a kid, but I’ve never read it all for myself.

I love it! The way Tolkien writes is just fantastic! He’s witty and specific and…*sighs with pure bliss*. It’s great.

And Finally, Something New (and My Announcement)

A few years ago I started writing fiction. A little while later, I stumbled upon a website (and an online community) called Kingdom Pen; the people and articles there have aided and encouraged me in my efforts to create good fiction for nigh on a year.

They recently asked for interns. I applied. Long story short, I am now officially part of the Kingdom Pen writing team.

To say I was excited when I received the news of my acceptance is an understatement. I nearly shouted the news from the rooftop. Literally. However, it was quite cold, and climbing onto the roof would no doubt damage it.

I’m an introvert, anyway. Introverts don’t shout things from rooftops.

I get a cool badge picture thingy. *Claps hands excitedly* Look!


*calms down like a respectable writer* And there you have it folks! My nine somethings!

Now go make the world epic!

Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. The Great Rising Puzzlement)

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