My 12 Somethings For the Month of April

Hey guys!

The second half of my Sam story is giving me trouble, so I fear it will have to wait a day or two before making it’s appearance. Better late than horrible, right?

Since we’re coming to the end of another month, I think it’s a good time to share my Somethings.

Something Fun

I was in a play! Peter Pan Jr. to be exact. I was none other than Tiger Lily, Princess of the Island! ALL MUST BOW BEFORE ME!

Just kidding. You may rise. The play was tons of fun and gave me so many memories and stories (which I may share in the future if I ever get my life together and publish the rest of my Sam story). I hung out with some really cool people, like an elegant captain and his side-kick, a tribe of Indians, and a group of boys that were lost. Here’s a picture I shamelessly stole from the play’s Facebook page:


Something Refreshing

Over Easter weekend I spent time with a bunch of family, doing fun, spontaneous things. I had my camera handy and took a few pictures.

Me and my cousin walked down my hill to visit the creek. He showed me this tree on the way down. My camera decided to do this weird shadowy thing with the light, but it turned out pretty cool.


My sister dancing to her own beat


Something Sad

The end of Peter Pan Jr. I had to say goodbye to a bunch of friends. And not just the goodbye-see-you-next-year goodbye. It was the goodbye-I’m-going-to-college-next-year-so-I-won’t-be-in-another-play goodbye. It was a sad moment that really made me understand that a large part of my life was coming to a close.

Something New

I dyed my hair black if you didn’t notice in the previous play picture.

The comments ranged from:

“I like your hair!”

“It looks really good on you!”


“You look goth.”

“You look like an assassin.”

Ahh, I love my friends. Here’s a picture:



Something Beautiful

I discovered this song by Fleurie and listened to it over and over (and over and over) again. Her voice is just so haunting and beautiful…

Something Achieved

Algebra has been conquered and driven from the land, once and for all! I finished up my college algebra course this week, and am all the better for it. I don’t know my final grade, but I know it can’t be that bad, so I don’t really care.

Something Relaxing

I decided to start walking to rid myself of that winter flabbiness. My walks generally consist of journeying down my hill over our partly gravel driveway, down to the road, up the road to the stop sign, then back (shoes are usually optional).

I occasionally end up exploring instead of walking. It still counts as exercise, right? Here are some places I’ve visited:

This is the underside of a bridge I visited. Why it fascinated me, I don’t know.


My creek


Something Frustrating

A sudden loss of motivation descended upon me recently. I didn’t want to do school, Bible study, or writing. I mean I wanted to do stuff, but I didn’t feel like it. It sounds weak, I know, but it felt horrible! It was like writer’s block, but for my whole life! This “life block”  has really bothered me, but I think it’s going away.

Something Related to Writing

If you guys don’t know yet, I write fiction. In the most summarized sense, that means I brainstorm, structure plots, build worlds, create characters,  structure scenes, outline, actually write the story, then edit and rewrite. Beta readers and critiques also come in somewhere during this process.

Either after or during that whole undertaking I pick up another idea I have for another book and start everything all over again.

Believe it or not, this is really fun for me and I’m willing to do all of the above over and over and over again till the day I go crazy.

But just because I love it doesn’t mean I don’t have days where I want to give up, days when I feels like I’ll never finish a project.

This is where you guys come in. I’m thinking that if I share my monthly writing goals with you all it will help me say motivated and push me past those I’m-never-going-to-finish-this-book days. Then when I achieve those goals, we can all celebrate with virtual Chinese food and ice-cream.

So here goes. My writing goals for May include:

-Writing an article for Kingdom Pen

-Writing a non-fiction article for another website

-Finish editing my current novel/WIP (work in progress), Eclipse Awakening. Side note: This project is currently around 94,000 words long.  A book is considered a novel when it’s 50,000 words long. I’m crazy, I know.

-blogging, of course.

I’ll stop here so I don’t overwhelm myself. Oh wait! I thought of something else:

-Outline and world build my next planned WIP that doesn’t have a name.

We’ll see if I accomplish my goals in my next Something’s post.

Something Cool

Running through a thunderstorm in a pretty dress with a bunch of homeschoolers. I’ll probably dedicate a blog post to that later.

Something Helpful

The Kingdom Pen forum. The wisdom I find there is just mind-blowing.

Something Old

My sister! She turned 19 this month. It’s always weird when your older sibling grows older. Perhaps it’s because you know you’re next.

That’s it for the month of April! I hope you all had a fantabulous month!

-Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. The Great Rising Puzzlement)


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