The Day I Faked on Public Television

Hello all!

You’ve probably guessed that this article has something to do with public television. And me.
It does. But to get to that point, I need to set a few things up.

The Premise

I’ve mentioned somewhere in my previous posts that I had the privilege of taking a few classes at Cedarville University. One of my classes, in it’s most basic sense, was an art class. It was a great class.

In this class I had a teacher (no really). This teacher was asked to be on a ThinkTV art program. Cool right? I thought so.

My teacher then informed the class that ThinkTV wanted to film her in one of her classes. She chose my class for this filming and asked us if we would be attending that day.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the idea. It would be weird, sitting in art class doing artsy things with a camera hovering nearby. After thinking it over for a bit, I decided it couldn’t be that bad. It was just a camera, and I didn’t have to do anything special.

So in the end, I agreed to be filmed.

The Project

At that point in the semester my class was working on our final project. If you’re a college student (or even a highschoolian), you know final projects can be quite evil.

My final art project was no exception. It had two parts. The first part involved drawing two graphs, one on a small, original work of art created by some famous artist and the other on a large, blank sheet of art paper.

The poor student was then required to fill every  square of the large grid with colors similar to the original work of art. Pastel was the medium we were required to used.

My grid contained over 900 squares. As you can imagine, it was not a task for the faint hearted.

Now that you know about my project I can finally get on with the story.

The day of filming dawned and I was prepared.

I’d picked some nice clothes to wear and slapped on my makeup with a little more care than usual. I gathered my large art pad, my faithful satchel/cargo bag, and my pastels. I then drove off into the morning with a jitter in my veins, excited about the coming experience.

You may notice that I didn’t mention the original artist’s picture in the above paragraph. That’s because I forgot to put the picture in my bag. My bag made it into my car. Without the picture.

I drove all the way to school (which was about a 45 minute long drive), without realizing this. I parked and made my way to my building. I still had no idea what I’d done.

It took me five minutes in the actually school building to realize I didn’t have my picture. This meant I had nothing to do during class.

If I didn’t think of something, I was going to be filmed sitting in a classroom doing nothing.

I mentally ran through my options, but none of them were promising. I couldn’t go back home. I couldn’t work off of my phone because the colors wouldn’t be right. I couldn’t print off another picture at the Cedarville campus because it was too far away from my building. I was caught in some pretty dire straights.

So what did I do?

I faked it.

I spent the entire half-hour the crew was filming blending squares that didn’t need it, erasing random blobs of color outside the grid, and adding color to squares just because. The entire half-hour the video crew was filming, I pretended to work.

Did I look like I was actually working? Did I fool the camera crew?
I have no idea, but I did fool my teacher. When I asked her if I could go home since I had nothing to do, she was surprised.

I was surprised she was surprised. Perhaps it worked. Perhaps the faking actually looked real.

We’ll see when the program airs. 😀

Two not-very-helpful lessons I’ve learned from the experience:

  1. I must remember what I forget before it’s too late to go back and get it.
  2. Faking till you make it actually works.

See you guys next week!

-Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. The Great Rising Puzzlement)

4 thoughts on “The Day I Faked on Public Television

  • Ugh…hate that feeling when you first realize you forgot something! Glad you were able to come up with a plan….clever:)


    • Yes it’s certainly not the most pleasant feeling in the world, especially if you’ve forgotten something important like keys (done that) or your drivers license (also done that). 🙂


  • Well… you got skillz.
    I couldn’t pretend to do something for that long. I can’t even look like I’m doing something when I /am/ doing something. I’d have been there drawing stick figures or something, hoping they didn’t zoom in on my project (but laughing really really really hard when they inevitably did.)

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