Picture Post #1: Because I Can

Hey everyone!

I was planning on starting another Sam story series today, but the story is now officially longer than any I’ve written, so it’s not ready (story of my life, right?). In its place I have brought you pictures.

In the words of me, behold . 🙂

A smoke pipe thing on the top of my roof

Every so often I enjoy clambering through Hannah’s window onto the roof to do some writing.

One afternoon I was sitting up there with my laptop and thought to myself, “That smoke pipe thing would make a good subject! And the epic storm clouds would make a great background!”

The clouds started spitting on me a few minutes after I took my pictures, and, as you can imagine, the top of a house isn’t the best place to weather a storm.

I refused to leave and got an umbrella instead because I’m stubborn like that.

Then the wind threatened to carry me away Mary Poppins style. That’s when I went inside.

Charred wood

I could probably say something poetic about ashes and beauty, but I’m not that cliché.

The pictures below have a bit of a story.

You see, my family has a pool. It has lasted over ten years without a new liner. We’ve patched the old one to kingdom come.

This year my family caved and replaced the liner.

The Saturday after we received the liner was consumed with pool work. We had to cut loose the old liner, avoid pouring the nasty water onto the sand, stuff the nasty liner in trash bags, level the sand, and save the frogs. Oh yeah and we had to put in the new liner.

We worked all Saturday and part of Sunday.

Lets just say I acquired a life time worth of experience with slime, mildew, and algae.

Anyway, as everyone else was busy working I decided to take a break and whip out my camera.IMG_4811

I love flowers. They’re soft, beautiful, colorful and provide easy subject matter.

Flowers again.





More flowers!

This next picture has nothing to do with my refusal to help replace the pool liner.

Below is a little typography I created with a computer program I’m trying to learn. The quote is said by one of my characters (at some point) in the current series I’m trying to write (that I don’t know the name of).

I pulled the picture from Pinterest no one sue me: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/81979655699586879/

That’s about it folks! Have a great weekend!

-Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. the Great Rising Puzzlement)


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