My 13 Somethings for the Month of June

SUPRISE! I’m alive! Sorry ’bout the delay folks.

Ahh, June, what shall I say about thee?

Something Fun

Every June our church hosts VBS and every year my younger cousins stay at my grandma’s house, which is conveniently next door. They’re all around ten and eleven, which is the perfect age to pretend and oh did I have fun pretending with them. After a few days of playing, they may or may not have been yelling FOR NARNIA!
I am a great influence.



Something Sad

Goodbyes. They always get me. This month I had to say goodbye to my Grandma’s house. She passed away over a year ago and my grandpa decided to move. I think it’s a great move for him, but it didn’t make saying goodbye to a house in which you’ve built so many memories much easier.

Something New

I got a job! Isn’t that fantastic? *pats self on the back for adulting*
I’m an official Ranger at a nearby campground. My duties include…. *cue the high pitched horror music*
Working with people. All day.

Something Beautiful:

The sound wind makes when it rushes through leaves. Our property is surrounded by Maple, Sycamore, Ash, Walnut, and Pine trees, and when a storm hits and the wind picks up it sounds like an army of angels are surging past.


Something Achieved:

I call getting a job an achievement so there.

Something Relaxing

Sitting on my roof writing. That is one of the best things ever, next to eating ice cream after dinner and actually finishing a writing project on time. Until the sun burns you and your laptop gets super hot. Or it starts raining. Or when your mother starts putting the window screen in, almost trapping you outside.

Something Frustrating

My failures as a human being.

Something Related to Writing

I should rename this  “something related to my failure at writing” because last month everything pretty much went like this:

I didn’t finish Rook.

I didn’t finish my Sam story.

I didn’t work on my mysterious writing project (I’m actually not entirely sure which mysterious writing project I was referring to when I made it a goal last month, so yeah.)

I’m also not entirely sure which Kingdom Pen article I was referring to last month either, so I’m not sure it was finished.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me honestly. I used to pump out tons of words a day.

Oh wait, I got a job. That’s what happened.

To avoid being depressing, I’m going to list what I actually did:

I did finish the first draft of Rook, today actually. *Pats self on back*

I’m half way through my next Sam story.

One of my articles was published on KP (found here:

See? I’m not a complete failure.

My goals for July:

One of my goals was going to be “Finish Rook,” but seeing that’s already been accomplished, its sorta unnecessary.


Finish my Sam story

Something Helpful

I cleaned my room and got rid of about a third to half my stuff. It was great.

Something Old

This song. It is my official song for bitter sweet moments.



I blame the Time to Rise series for my need for an official bittersweet song.

Something Random

I got to pet a kitten! *sighs* I love kittens.

Something Refreshing

Having my sister show me some awesome karate moves. I absolutely failed them, but I enjoyed watching Hannah laugh at me.

Something Exciting

Starting my Sam story! I was soooo pumped.
The excitement has worn off a little, but I’ll get it done. Eventually.

Something Different

Replacing the pool liner.

And that about sums it up! Hopefully, I’ll stop being a failure and get that Sam story out to ya.

-Gabrielle Pollack (The Great Rising Puzzlement)

P.S. What on earth guys. I turn into an adult tomorrow. Not cool.


4 thoughts on “My 13 Somethings for the Month of June

  • HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much! You are an amazing best friend and so much more than i could ask for. You are such and encouragement to me and I promise to be there for you always. Thank you for lifting me up and being my greatest supporter in all of my endeavors. You truly are a gift from God. He has such great plans for your life and I am excited to get to see him do more amazing things in your life for his kingdom. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and write. You are a writer. A dreamer. A reader. You have a magnificent imagination. Happy birthday my eighteen year old best friend. I am looking forward to going on many many adventures with you. Thank you for putting up with all my antics. You are truly more than I could ask for. I could say so much more. You are truly indescribable and a joy to have grown up with. Enjoy your big day. I love you, Steve/Sam. I am with you till the end of the line. Whatever road that may be down.
    Bucky your faithful friend

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