My 11 Somethings for the Month of July

Hello everyone!

My Sam story is a bit longer than I predicted, so I’ve decided to publish a few regular blog posts on an extra day of the week. Without further delay, I present to you my eleven Somethings for the month of July!

Something Fun

This month my family braved the heat and camped for four days at a Christian music concert-thing called the Alive Festival. We listened to epic artists like Hollyn, TobyMac, and NeedToBreathe.


Something Scary

Have you ever been minding your own business when something absolutely random shows up in your mind that you’ve never thought of, like, ever?

The subconscious mind is a scary place, my friends. I was minding my own business one day, innocently writing the climax of Rook, when my subconscious threw a major curveball at me by revealing a villain I wasn’t looking for. I’ve creatively imagined the confrontation with my subconscious and its creations going something like this:

Me: Hey side character, what are you doing here?

Side character: I’m your villain. For the rest of your series. I’m here to kill your protagonist, obviously.

Me: What?

Side character now villain: Step aside dearie and let me do my thing.

Me: Yes Ma’am.

Said side character turned villain

Something Sad

July was the last full month I’m going to spend at my home for a long time. College is calling, folks. I’ll be moving into Cedarville University on the 18th of this month. It’s sort of terrifying.

Something New

Adulthood ya’ll.

Something Beautiful

As the two movie watchers in the house, My dad and I like going on little daddy daughter outings to the theaters. On our last outing, we went to see Rogue One.

That was a blessing and a curse. The movie was fantastic, but no daughter wants to end a fun outing trying not to cry her eyes out because all her favorite characters died.

So a few months later I asked my dad to take me to see Spider-Man: Homecoming to celebrate my adulthood, hoping it wouldn’t end in tears and massive character death.

I’ve made some good choices in my life, and this was one of them. Spider-Man: Homecoming was savage. It was beautiful. Both the Marvel fangirl and the writer in me were satisfied.


Now go see it ya’ll.

Something Achieved

I know I already mentioned this, but I finished Rook! It’s going be epic man. Epic. Here’s a collage I created to celebrate it.

Rook (2).jpg
A collage I created for Rook.

Something Relaxing

Twice a week I feed the equine residents at a local stable. It’s relaxing, especially because I get to do it alone. Horses never ask questions or need me to keep up a conversation (though I do talk to them a sometimes, if you’re wondering. Don’t judge). They just want food. It’s great.

This is Miss Jay, one of the two mares at the stable. She’s shunning me because I have a camera. XD

Something Cool

My parents gave me a sword. A real sword. It’s legendary.


Something Related to Writing

I think my goal for July was to finish my Sam story. I *gulp* haven’t yet. Whoops. As you guys can tell, it’s stretching much longer than I thought it would.

My goals for this month? Fulfill all the commitments I’ve made that relate to writing, including beta reading, mentoring, blogging, and working with Kingdom Pen. Beyond that, I need to leave some time open so I can adjust to college life.

Something Old

Every year we have a Fourth of July party where we launch our own fire works! It’s a great time to reconnect with family, eat food, and blow things up. Oh, and I get to take sweet pictures of light.

A fountain. OF FIRE!


What a firework looks like when you leave your camera shutter open for a while.

Something Random

A few baby raccoons decided to visit our house one lovely afternoon. It was probably really stupid to go out and take pictures of them, but they were so cute!

See how cute he is? I shall name him Cade.

That sums it up! The next time I’ll post a Something, I’ll be relocated! Isn’t that crazy?

Have a great weekend!

Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. The Great Rising Puzzlement)


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