My 13 Somethings For August (And My Relocation)


I think that was the laziest greeting ever. Forgive me.

I am now a collegeling, my friends (*gasp*). So far, I have survived (sure, it has only been three and a half weeks, but who’s counting?). My survival has involved many dangerous activities and efforts like…well, I’ll get into that.

Behold, my Somethings for the month of August!

Something Fun

Bible studies. During my senior year in high school I had the fortune (or misfortune, depending on how much one values one’s sanity) of attending a Bible study group at my youth pastor’s house. This study was also attended by with a bunch of other psychos (*cough* not me, of course *cough* I’m perfectly normal).

The Bible study was fantastic, and I spent many a Sunday night thinking about deep questions, using orange juice analogies, and even playing in the middle of the road late one snowy night.

Since most of the attendees were seniors and would be taking different paths come fall, the smart one (also not me) of our group decided we should do something to show our appreciation to our youth pastor and his wife. We decided to take a few pictures of the group and give them to ’em, along with a little note from each of us.

I, of course, claimed position as photographer. Here’s one of the (few) serious pics we took:

My crazy Bible study group

I’m not sure if I have permission to share the funny ones and I don’t want any psychos coming after me for sharing them, so we shall leave it at that. The rest of the day we goofed off and I took more pictures for blackmail *cough* memory purposes.

Something Enjoyable

The night before me and my sis moved out, my family celebrated by going out to eat. The food was great, but the family time was waaaaay better. At the restaurant I made a little castle out of sugar packets, reminiscent of when I did the same in the golden years of my childhood.

Yes, I was a weird child. And am a stranger adult. *With childish pride* here’s a picture of my creation:

Don’t judge the picture quality. My phone camera is terrible.

Now for the big part. *Takes a deep breath* College.

Something Sad, New, Cool, and Exciting

On the 18th of August, 2017, I moved onto Cedarville University campus, which is around 45 minutes from my home.

You can all imagine how it felt. Snippets of thoughts, similar to these, ran through my mind:

I’m moving out.

I have to meet a person I’ve never met before and live with them for the next half a year.

Mom and Dad aren’t going to be around anymore.

I am an adult. I have to adult.

Of course the normal AHHHHHs and the run-and-hide escape mechanisms were in full play as well.

Here’s our trip in pictures, since it’s too much to explain.

We took two cars full of stuff. Lots of stuff.

Our entrance to Cedarville was accompanied by much fanfare, music, and smiling people.

After parking and waiting in a massive line, we grabbed our IDs and room keys and headed to our dorm.

The inside of my dorm, Maddox. As you can see, it has a nice little courtyard and all the rooms, or pods, as I like to call them, open to that courtyard. (Oh, and I call them pods because they each have four rooms inside them. If that makes sense.)

A contribution to my anxiety about college was meeting my roommate. We’d chatted online, but hadn’t met. At all.

A slightly socially awkward, introverted person’s nightmare, right?

Well, we met. And she’s great. Thank the Lord we get along. She likes Marvel so that helps XD.

And here is my room! If you couldn’t guess by the Captain America Pillows, the left side of the room is mine.
And this is Cedarville. Or part of it. A few class buildings sit to my left and right, and then the cafeteria is waaaaay out there across the lake. The distance, coupled with all the people who eat there, are major disincentives to go eat food.

So, I settled in. My parents left. And Cedarville rained upon us parties and official meetings and a bunch of crazy activities involving other human beings that introverts fear but occasionally secretly enjoy, but never say so because it would ruin the stereotype.

And here is a picture of the Cedarville rock, (that I stole from the Cedarville Facebook page). My class was dubbed the class of 2021, which is weird for me cause I’m graduating in three years, not four, thanks to classes I took in high school. So right now, instead of a Freshman, I am a Freshmore who’s graduating in 2020. #perks

I am officially a Yellow Jacket, people.

How am I doing with all this? Believe it or not, I’m adjusting. With the help of a lot of snack food.

The biggest change is all the people. I can take the classes and scheduling and the parties, but here, you can’t really get away from people. It is not a bad thing; it is just different.

All in all, it has been a blessing. Chapel, a sort of daily church service, has helped my spiritual growth.  My roomie is cool. The campus is beautiful. All the walking is great for my health.

And I get an education, too. You know, sorta the reason I’m at college in the first place.

Thanks for that, God.

Something Relaxing

I went back home over the weekend to wish a few friends goodbye. While I was there, I had fun throwing knives and searching for buried treasure with my dad in the yard, which relates to throwing knives. Why? Well, we had lost a few throwing knives and borrowed a metal detector to help us find them

And you know, who can resist digging up the yard when you have a real metal detector?

Something that Should Probably be Offensive

Remember those friends I had to say goodbye to? They were part of my Bible study group, so we had a big party at Bible study, as sort of as a last hurrah/farewell.

We decided it was a good idea to play Apples to Apples during the party.

After a few rounds, my friend Tori picked a blank wild card, the ones you define however you want. Without thinking, I said she should use me, Gabby, as the word.

Here is what I was compared to *drumroll*:

a. Taxi driver (?)
b. The electric chair (???)
c. The war in Iraq (I put that one in there)
d. Brains (Which isn’t too bad)
e. La-z-y Boy recliner (No comment)
f. Caffeine (Partially agree with that, at least sometimes)
and my personal favorite:
g. Getting Tasered.

So, which one would you guys pick if you had to describe me with those cards? I think Tori was nice and picked brains (then later told me all the cards were all great options).

Something Beautiful

One perk to waking up early (besides not missing my morning classes), is being among the first to breathe in the fresh, morning air and check out what the sun has revealed. One morning, so much fog covered the lake I couldn’t see across it. And these little gems appeared too.



Something Achieved

I have achieved nothing. Wait, no, I’ve managed to get up at 6:30 semi regularly. It is a wonder.

I’ve also attempted to be social, so that is a plus.

Oh, and I’ve managed to not fail my classes within the first two weeks, so that’s great as well.

*Glances up at what she has written* Oh, so I guess I’m not a failure. *Pats self on back*

Something Nice

I got to quit work before college. That was cool. Then I got to college and discovered school is like a full time job anyway, plus trying to manage a social and writing life.

But hey, I got to quit work!

Something Random

Here is a tiny gnome:


Something Related to Writing

I recently realized something deep about beauty and artistry that I will probably write about later. This realization made me want to set writing goals again, so here I go:
My goals for September are:

  • Finish half of the second draft of Rook
  • And FINALLY Finish this Sam story

So there. Goals.

Something Helpful

Deep thoughts. I’ve been having a lot of them. I will probably write posts on them later. Hopefully. I’ve been experiencing so much in the last few weeks it has been hard to find a moment to write and process it all.

That is about it, folks. Overall, I’m not dying. Life has been a massive conglomeration of little ups and big downs, all packed between classes and accompanied by lack of sleep.

I hope the start of your school year was successful!

-Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. The Great Rising Puzzlement (who is also now a college student))









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