My 9 Somethings for the month of October

My original title for this post was, “My Somethings for Whatever Month This Is.”

That about sums up my overwhelmed, I-want-to-laugh-hysterically-on-the-floor, drink-coffee and sleep-through-all-my-classes attitude during October.

I promise I’m ok. I made it halfway through the semester. I can survive until winter break. Probably.

Something Out of the Ordinary

Coffee shops are cliche, millennial, chalk-themed hotspots that sell sugared cups of dirt for too much money, but I still like them.

Earlier this weekend my sister, cousin, and I all met at a coffee shop. Though I blew three bucks on the worst cappuccino ever, we had awesome girl time. *Thumbs up for socialization*

Something I Feel Proud Of

Gyms aren’t really my thing. Sure, exercise is great, but I have no idea what I’m doing, and everyone around me is either competent in exercise or actually in shape, so I feel intimidated.

At least that’s what I thought before my friend dragged me to the gym.

I did feel like a newbie trying to figure out all those weight machines that looked like medieval torture devices. However, I wasn’t the only newbie out there. I enjoyed working out.

The next day I went back, alone.

I was proud of myself. I went not once, but twice to the gym, the second time of my own free will!

Have I worked out at the gym since then? No. But that’s not the point.

Something Cool

Cedarville Homecoming, y’all.

I was homeschooled all my life and therefore didn’t participate in all those public school celebrations like homecoming and prom. I think I’ve gone to a total of one homecoming football game.

Cedarville Homecoming was a new experience. Since I’m an introvert, you’d think I wouldn’t like all the parties and festivities.

But we shan’t stereotype introverts here. I loved Homecoming. The campus atmosphere changed. Families, not just seventeen to twenty-five year olds, strolled through campus, showing their kids where they met. Tons of activities took place: there was a jazz band performance with spontaneous swing dancing (no, I did not join), cardboard canoe races, lake lantern lighting (which failed miserably), and parades that all contributed to the fun. After so many days of routine, it was refreshing to feel the special energy associated with out of the ordinary events.

Mirror jpg

Something Awesome

During homecoming weekend, I met a complete stranger who was not a complete stranger.

I’m involved in two writing communities: the Young Writers Workshop (YWW) and the Kingdom Pen Forum. I’ve met amazing, fun, crazy writers at both places. One of the YWW writers, Kiki Stanton, has parents that graduated from Cedarville. The Stanton family was returning to Cedarville for Homecoming, so Kiki and I decided to meet since we were in the same area.

Meeting was much easier said than done. It took us one failed attempt and a few minutes of me wandering around the cafeteria like a lost, confused freshman before we finally found each other.

Now I can prove one of my internet friends exists. And let me tell ya, Kiki is awesome.

I think meeting her sort of changed my perspective on writing in general, which is strange since we only met for a few minutes. I’ve been writing fiction for years and had a vague notion that I’d publish my work someday. It was a rather passive stance.

I’m not sure what it was, but I think meeting another serious writer, who, though a few years younger than me, was also pursuing publishing reminded me that I wasn’t alone, that other teens were doing what I was doing. I have tons of internet writing buddies and I appreciate and love them to no end, but there’s something about meeting another writer in real life.

Meeting Kiki, having the conversation with my parents that I had last month, and a few other small changes piled together and have motivated me. This motivation has taken shape in some cool changes I hope to share with you guys in a few weeks.

Kiki is going to be a young author someday. She doesn’t have her author site set up yet, but if you give her some time and are interested in learning more about this awesome lady, look up her up under K. E. Stanton.

Something Related to Writing

You hear that soft sobbing in the distance? Those are my writing goals. They are depressed and neglected because I haven’t reached any of them.

I was so focused on Ceasefire’s outline that I didn’t finish my edit of Rook. Rook is the first book I want to publish, and in order to have it ready to publish, it needs to be honed.

If I don’t give it to beta readers that won’t happen, and I can’t give it to beta readers unless I edit it.

Instead of completing Ceasefire for NaNoWriMo, I will be editing Rook in two stages. First comes two macro edits, (where I change big stuff about character, plot, etc).  Then I’ll do a micro edit (grammar, sentence structure, etc). By the end of November, I should have it ready to ship to beta readers.

I have some other stuff I’m working on too, but I don’t want to give that away just yet. *cue mysterious music*

Something Refreshing

Freedom! Fall break sent me racing back home to avoid school for the longest stretch of time since August. It was amazing. Hanging out with family and introverting for long periods of time was pure bliss.

Of course, not doing school has real and painful consequences that have taken the form of never ending art projects and sleep deprivation, but hey, I had a nice weekend.

Something Fun

In response to the stuff related to writing that I’m doing but not telling you about, I decided I wanted photos of my face. To, you know, update my social media profiles.

Mother dearest was willing to be my photographer, and we goofed off and snapped some photos. We took a few good ones.

And a few that should be burned in an eternal fire. Like this one:

weird face

I didn’t know my face could make that expression. It is not going to be my profile picture. Ever.

Something Significant

My first short story was published on KP! It’s called, “To Be Good“. It gave me a bit of trouble, but I’m proud of this problem child.

Something Random

I don’t know where this came from, but after finishing a class early I was suddenly possessed with the urge to take pictures, because what doesn’t get you in the mood to take pictures like insufficient sleep, freezing temperatures, missing your alarm, and all that homework you haven’t done because of two art projects?



Grass.jpgI hope your October was more productive than mine. Anything significant happen? I’d love to hear a Something of yours!

-Gabrielle Pollack (a.k.a. The Great Rising Puzzlement)


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