Email Lists and Awesome People

Hello friends!

I’ve escaped the black hole of Nanowrimo to bring you a quick announcement.

A few weeks ago I started an email list of people who want to support me in my writing. I am now formally inviting you guys to join.

Why an email list?

An email list like this one is the most reliable way I can share my writing and include you all in the victories, challenges, and inevitable failures I face as a fiction writer in pursuit of publishing.

What will be in the emails?

The emails you receive will be writing-focused updates. I’ll send out a few emails a month and will occasionally ask my awesome email subscribers for a little help, i.e. for prayer regarding a big step I’m taking or answers to a few questions for feedback purposes. Participation is never required, but dearly appreciated. I’ll also share my writing with you guys, whether that’s stuff on my blog, pieces I publish on other platforms, or unpublished snippets of the crazy stories that live inside my brain.

If you guys want to join me on this journey, click here.

I appreciate all of you so much! Thanks for the support and for reading this lunatic’s blog. 🙂

-Gabrielle Pollack (a.k.a. The Great Rising Puzzlement)

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