My 10 Somethings for the Month of November

What on earth did I do in November?

I’m truly having a hard time recalling. *sigh* This is why I should consistently write in my diary. Guess that’s a potential New Year’s resolution, huh?

Oh gosh. It’s time to think about New Year’s and Christmas! I’m not ready for another year! AHHHHHH. *Commence the panicking*


Here’s what I remember about this month.

Something that Involves Socialization

Lunch. Lunch makes me believe I have a social life.

No, I don’t talk to my food. I have lunch with my sister, Hannah, and her roomie, Tori. We talk about life, bemoan assignments, and make each other laugh. When tired, overwhelmed college students get together, illogical sentences abound. The snippet I’m sharing didn’t occur this month, but it’s an example of what happens when we get together.

Tori: *mentions having eye problems*

Hannah: *leans forward* You know what you need to do? You need to go to Walmart and see
an orthodontist.


*Commence five minutes of laughter as I restate the hilarity of what my sister said multiple times*

I will never think of the orthodontist the same way again.

Something Exhausting

Those days where you work from dawn to dusk and just manage to survive. I had a bunch of those last month. Partly because I procrastinated on my schoolwork on previous days. Still, knowing I deserved a never-ending workday didn’t make me feel any better about it.

Something Refreshing and Sad

A few Somethings ago I mentioned going on a photoshoot with my crazy Bible study family.

Last month I was reunited with a bunch of ’em. A special sort of laughter accompanies those meetings.

The occasions for our gatherings, however, were sad ones. Thanks to adult life, most of us have moved to college. A few of us live in Ohio, but the smart girl in the group goes to college in Virginia. Last month was the first time I’ve seen her since the school year started.

Then, to pour lemon juice on the proverbial wound, one of our guys was about to move a few states away to join the Marines.

Adult life is moronic.

I’ll miss you, friends. Our family isn’t the same without you two, and I can’t wait for the day we can get back together and talk about vigilante gangs, aliases, and all the random, ridiculous topics we discuss. ❤

Something Random

If you don’t know, I write Sam stories. My main character in these stories is the embodiment of Murphy’s law: Whatever can go wrong, does. I saw this commercial and immediately thought of this character:

Something Hilarious

I come from a family of halves. Half my family is technologically literate. The other half asks the tech-literate half for help.

Hannah calls me over regularly to help her with her technology-related issues. I find the solutions to these problems obvious. She does not. As the annoying little sister I am, I take advantage of the moment and make fun of her for it. Apparently, I’m not an intimidating person because she thinks I’m hilarious and laughs her head off. That only goads me on.

One night, Hannah encountered a suspicious formatting setting in Microsoft word. I came to the rescue and quickly disabled the setting with a button that was so obvious it was highlighted. The button was glowing, and Hannah couldn’t find it. I took advantage of this moment and had her laughing like I’d made a clever joke no one’s ever heard before.

I love making people laugh, especially my sister, because once she starts laughing, it’s hard for her to stop. I probably enjoyed the incident as much as she did.

And I’ll never let her live the glowing button incident down.

Something Related to Writing

I. Am. A. Failure.

Moving on.


Just kidding. I’m not letting you go that fast.

In all seriousness,  I can safely say I failed NaNoWriMo. I didn’t even finish Rook’s first macro edit. To be fair, I worked on other projects. I blogged, started an email list, reintegrate myself into the KP forum, wrote a KP article, and upgraded my blog. I’m almost halfway through Rook, too, so that’s also a positive.

But my lack of progress still makes me depressed.

Goals for December:

Send Rook to Beta readers.

Start emailing the awesome people on my mailing list.

Write two Sam stories: One taking place during the holidays, and another for my email list people.

The first cup of coffee I had during NaNoWriMo.

Something Happy

I saw one of my squirrel friends!

At least twice a week I walk to an off-campus art building. I’ve managed to make a few squirrel friends on the way. Thanks to the cold, I’ve been missing them on my walks recently, but this month I saw one!

I named them Fernando, Fernanda, and Felicia.

A terrible picture of Fernando. Or is it Felicia?

Something I’m Thankful for

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving, during which I ate lots of food and spent time with family. I played cards with my aunts and uncles, messed with synthetic slime with my younger cousins, and let one of those cousins give me facepaint.

On my face.

She painted my face. That’s what I mean.

Something Different

*Throws arms wide* Voila! I hoped you noticed my fancy new blog.
It’s nothing special. I merely changed the theme. But I’m still happy about it!

I also formally announced my email list! #Shameless plug.

*Drops all pretense of showiness and crawls back into her hobbit hole*

I hope your November was full of colorful leaves, turkey, and something not cliche during the month of November!

Happy extremely late Thanksgiving and Merry extremely early Christmas!

-Gabrielle Pollack (aka the Great Rising Puzzlement)



8 thoughts on “My 10 Somethings for the Month of November

  • Gabby, your posts always make me smile. And laugh. The orthodontist… Oh goodness xD Fernando and Felicia! *cheers*
    As for writing, that is so not a failure. Congratulations on finishing all those projects! Is Rook the book Fern is from? I shall be waving my pom poms of encouragement for you. 🙂


    • 😀 Recognize those names? 😉

      Thank you, dear. 🙂 Yes, Fern is in Rook, though she isn’t as prominently a character as I (or Cassie) would like. Her first real arc happens in Ceasefire. 🙂 🙂 *Feels encouraged* 🙂


  • Hi, Gabby! Recognize me? 🙂
    I’m kind of late, but can I just say that I love reading your Somethings? I just started poking around on your blog today, and this is my favorite part so far 🙂
    LOLOLOL The orthodontist XD
    I am totally following your blog from now on!! 😀


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