My 15 Somethings for Januaryish (Part 2)

Hey friends!

Here is the second part of my Somethings, as promised.

Something Sad

I’m all alone.

My sister headed back to college last month. Cedarville isn’t too far away, but it still feels weird. We’ve been together my entire life, and now she’s gone. *sniffs* Gone!

Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but still. Darn growing up.

IMG_2711 (2)
(Me and sis. I’m the one staring at the ground because I’m that photogenic.)


(Me and sis. I’m the one staring at the ground because I’m that photogenic.)

Something Deep

I had an article published by KP that hit pretty close to home. Many writers struggle with comparison and placing their worth in how well they write (including yours truly). In the article I wrote, I addressed these harmful patterns. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite articles that I’ve written.

Click here if you want to check it out.

Something Meaningful

As much as I say that I don’t like people, they can be pretty fantastic. A ton of friends have reached out and encouraged me through my decision to take a gap year and write, and their support has been overwhelming. I’ve been brought to tears on more than one occasion.

This little guy decided to join the let’s-make-Gabby-cry party.


A fellow Keeper sent me a package with a little encouraging note. I was moved. I read the note twice and teared up both times.

So much for being a hardcore writer, right? I think my heart must have melted and leaked out my eyes.

Which is the weirdest analogy I’ve ever come up with. Anyway, I was extremely grateful. Some humans are just awesome. ❤

Something Cool (December)

Speaking of awesome, I received another surprise from a friend. She’s an artist (waaaaay better than I am) and decided to draw something for me for Christmas. Namely, my face. It’s crazy amazing.

The drawing. Not my face. I’m not that narcissistic.


Something Related to Reading

I have an issue.

I either read so much I don’t write, or I write so much I don’t read. Because of this, I tend to avoid reading so my writing life doesn’t die. However, I’ve found that other books get the words flowing inside my brain and reveal new things about writing, so I’ve determined to read more (without murdering my writing life).

Since I set writing-related goals every month (that I never reach), I’ve decided to set reading goals for myself as well. I’ll probably set more reading goals than I can accomplish, just like my writing goals, but oh well. I’m sure the world suffers more from the lack of goals than too many
of them.

My goals for February are:

Finish reading the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (I’m only about 77 pages in. See what I mean about setting unreachable goals for myself?)

Finish reading Crafting Dynamic Dialogue from the Editors of Writers Digest

Read Line by Line by Claire Kehrwald Cook (this one is a pretty tough read for me)

Read The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson

Read Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl (marketing is a subject I don’t know much about, so I need this guy).

Wow. Five books. Wish me luck.

Now for the books I’ve already read in January.

Last month, I read the entire Mistborn Trilogy, which totals to about *goes off to check* over 2,000 pages. I believe this series is my favorite fantasy series at the moment. I learned a ton about payoffs and became motivated to dive back into world building. Thank you, Mistborn.

I also banned myself from reading any other fiction books after I finished that series so I’d have more time for writing. So much for keeping my writing life alive while I read books.

6b27adc2376cf0f2ff95a5fbc6ea8d5c Vin and Kesler, my heroes.

Something Related to Writing

The depressing part of my post has come.

I think I set goals in November, but, since it’s a new year I’m going to forget about them.
What I did during December and January:

I printed off my entire draft of Rook and continued editing it. I then ditched the printed version soon after and went back to editing on the computer (because I can’t read my own handwriting).

I almost reached Rook’s turning point before I stopped editing and realized my plot was a mess and that I was a failure at world building (thank you for that, Brandon Sanderson).

Once again, I’ve fallen back to square one. I’ve spent about half of this month poring over maps, making up fantasy animals and cultures, and finding an overarching plot that I’m trying to tie into themes.

Fun, am I right?

I have to say, though, I did consider giving up on Rook. Multiple times. It’s just such a mess and a clean slate looks appealing.

But I’m still plucking away. *pats self on back* I’m going to wrestle this story into shape if it kills me.

Even though Rook is discouraging, I managed a few other feats that I’m proud of.

I started a Facebook page,

I added a Rook project page to my blog,

I sent my first email to my email people,

I upgraded my blog,

AND I started a critique group on YWW (which has been very helpful).

Therefore, I am not a complete failure. This month my goals are to:

Finish worldbuilding

Finish plotting my overarching conflict

Write my monthly KP article

Start my next draft of Rook (at this point, I’ve started and stopped so many drafts I’m not even sure where I am anymore).

Seems manageable. Do you guys have any writing/reading goals for next month?

Something Scary

It snowed this month.

No, I am not afraid of snow. I am afraid of our driveway. I’m sure I mentioned this before, but we have a long, steep driveway. Our grandparents live on our hill as well, and their driveway is just as steep. When it snows, our cars don’t always make it up the drive, and we have to park them at the bottom and walk up or risk sliding into a ditch and/or the trees.

I asked my grandparents to borrow their car one warm morning. I got down without a problem.

When I got back from my escapades I somehow psyched myself up into believing I could get up their driveway. The snow was melting. It was a warm day. I could do it.





I made it about halfway before I started sliding, then overcorrecting, then overcorrecting in the other direction. I’m not sure how I managed to stay on the driveway. I gave one last push, wheels spinning, before I realized I wasn’t going to make it up.

Which left one direction.

I must go down.


I’ve never backed down my grandparent’s driveway, let alone while it’s covered in a layer of slippery snow/ice. I was already having a mini adrenaline rush (and talking to myself and the car, because apparently, that’s what I do with adrenaline).

Somehow, I made it down without backing the car into the trees or the ditch. Barely. Praise the Lord. I considered it an accomplishment.

I also consider being able to walk up the snowy driveway in my new heels without slipping and falling on my face an accomplishment as well.

Something Fun

When college is away the young adults will play.

Or something like that. A bunch of my girl friends an I left college at roughly the same time and decided to make the most of our break. We went shopping, saw movies, and had sleepovers where we talked about increasingly deep topics at three in the morning. We grabbed coffee (because I’m all about being cliche) and talked about my relationships with my characters, to which my friend replied (in a Gru voice), “Our relationships with fake people are very different.”

Ah yes, and Tori decided to tell me I sounded like Sam, which should probably be a bad thing, but I appreciated the gesture.

They also told me that, after I’d bought my first pair of heels that I was a bookworm blooming into a book butterfly.

Yup. I thought that was an interesting comparison.

That was my month! Did anything exciting happen to you guys? Do any of your friends enjoy making weird analogies?

See you next week!

-Gabrielle R. Pollack

6 thoughts on “My 15 Somethings for Januaryish (Part 2)

  • I’ve glad you didn’t give up Rook. 🙂 There have been times I’ve almost thrown away my WIP too (and sometimes even being a writer altogether), but I’ve learned to keep plowing away no matter how many rocks are in my way.

    By the way, tell your friend that is an awesome portrait. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Book butterfly? Ooh, I like that. Do I have your permission to use that? 😁

    I don’t really have any writing goals for this month, but I do hope to finish my the first draft of my WIP by April 1st.

    Liked by 1 person

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