My 11 Somethings for February

Hey friends!

Sorry ‘bout not showing up last week. I got a job, and, well…more on that later.
Anyhow, here’s how last month panned out.

Something Fun (and Slightly Painful)

Do you like sleeping on concrete? Cause I do.

Sort of. For a good reason.

Apparently, I’m a missable person because last month my sister invited me to spend the night at Cedarville with her and her roomie (who’s also my crazy friend).

It didn’t occur to me that college students don’t have room to store extra bedding for guests, so I ended up sleeping on about an inch of blankets and however many feet of concrete sits under the dorms.

So. Awesome.

But seriously, it was great to spend some time with my girls. The night was full of tired college girl logic and laughter. The next day I dragged my aching body off the floor and hit the bookstore and Panda Express with my girls.


Something Epic

This music video gives me chills when I watch it.

Something Related to Writing

*squeals in excitement* I didn’t fail! For the most part.

I actually finished enough worldbuilding and plotting to start my next draft, which was my main goal. I still have some things to figure out (I made my world too complicated. Go figure), but now I’m working my way through the second draft of Rook! Whoop whoop!

I did fail to send in my Beta project on time, so that’s depressing. Oh well. Can’t be perfect, can I?

My goal for this month is to finish Rook’s second draft.

Something Weird

Have you ever been in a sword fight in your PJs? No?

You guys need to live a little. Seriously.

I ran into a brainstorming wall at about ten at night last month. I was about to plot the climax and had no idea how it was gonna go down.

What else was there to do but pick up a sword, pace my room, and talk to myself?

No, I didn’t actually act out a sword fight, but I did wave Kindness around as I figured out where my characters were going to be and what they were going to do. And it actually worked!

It was all in the PJs, I’m telling you.


Something Cool

I think my subconscious is planting hidden messages inside my art.
I innocently created this cool dragon.

Dragon 1.jpg

That’s pretty sweet, right? Pretty normal? Look at the next dragon.

Dragon 2.jpg

That’s the same one, upside down. Do you see the difference? He’s looking up now.

The first way you saw it was the way I made it. The second was not intentional. At all. Kinda freaky, if you ask me.

Something Related to Reading

For some reason, I thought it was a great idea to start reading The Count of Monte
Cristo after finishing my book on dialogue.

As you can imagine, I did not finish any other books last month.

Oh well. I’m enjoying COMC (when I get the time to read it), so I don’t regret it too much.

I think finishing COMC is a sufficient goal for this month, don’t you?

Something Adult-like

I got my license! Well, my second one.

Your second driver’s license is not celebrated like your first. When you realize you spent twenty-something dollars of your hard earned cash on a plastic you-can’t-get-me-in-massive-trouble-when-I-speed card, it hurts.

I also registered to vote, so I suppose that’s great as well. Now I can single-handedly change the course of America.

Something Childish

My escapades using sharp, pointy objects as playthings continues.

I like archery, but shooting at a stationary target can be pretty boring.

Draw arrow.

Notch string.


Draw arrow.

Notch string.


But, add a few variables, and suddenly you’ve entered a new world.

These variables included:

1. A wet, epic forest that smelled like Narnia in the spring.
2. Five-inch thorns and nasty briars that are out for blood.

Wrap all that up with imagination and you’ve got a clumsy adult stumbling around the woods with a bow and some arrows, trying to keep her gear from getting caught on branches and thorns while shooting through the tangle of trees.

It’s lots fun, I promise. Especially without shoes (no worries. I avoided the thorns).

Another Arrow (2)

Something New

I went all Mulan and chopped off my hair with a sword.

Not really. I don’t think the ladies at the Walmart hair salon use swords.

Anyhow, half my hair is gone, and I kind of like it.

Something Responsible

I got a job at a deli. Hip. hip. Hooray.

It’s not necessarily as hard as my last job, but it’s still draining. Slicing meat for hours on end isn’t necessarily a walk in the park.

It was supposed to be a part-time job, but this month I ended up working seven days in a row without a break (which is why I didn’t make last week).

Ah well. It’s calming down a bit. I hope.

Something Entertaining

You know, getting a second license has some perks.

I got to drive a bunch of my younger friends to see some little known Marvel movie called Black Panther.

It was pretty dang sweet, y’all. And a nice tie-in to all the worldbuilding I had been doing.


How was your month? Did you play with any sharp objects?

See you on the flip side (whatever that means).

-Gabrielle R. Pollack.

P.S. I’m planning a new series for you guys about storytelling!

Well, about storytelling from the perspective of a villain.

Stay tuned, friends.

*disappears with an epic cape swoosh and lots of mysterious fog*


11 thoughts on “My 11 Somethings for February

  • Oh, I love Kindness! Now I want one. (But I’m still underage, and my parents won’t let me have one…. *sighs*) And your dragons are awesome/slighty creepy that you managed to pull of near perfect flipped image…. how did you make them? (What art supplies did you use, etc).
    *returns epic cape swoosh*
    Au revoir, mon amie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, the problems of not being old enough. My parents refused for a while as well. They still think I’m crazy. 😉

      I made a draft on a smaller piece of paper, then took the cover of my art pad (cardboard or cardstock would work, too) and cut out the dragon with a stencil. Then, I took a piece of paper and completely covered it with charcoal. I stuck the stencil overtop and erased inside it.

      It’s a trick I made up the night before my final art pieces for a college class was due because I didn’t know what else to make XD. Desperation is the mother of invention. XD

      Fare thee well fellow cape swisher!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, and I have a feeling my friends would think I’m a bit strange if I suddenly hung a giant sword on the wall…. but who cares.

        Oh, cool! Thanks for the explanation! I think I might try that sometime. 🙂

        And to you, my fellow cape swisher-man.

        Liked by 1 person

  • Yayyy! Cheering for your progress through Rook’s 2nd draft! *waves pom poms*
    OH MY WORD. Is that a real SWORD?? Named KINDNESS??? This is too amazing. AND in your PJs. *dies from how cool that is* I need to buy a sword.
    Woowwww! You are such a great artist! That dragon. Wow.
    Haha. COMC is a giant. For some, finishing it is a sufficient goal for a year, so for a month, you’re good XD
    And I comment a favorite quote for Sam stories, so why not for these too? This was gold:
    “I also registered to vote, so I suppose that’s great as well. Now I can single-handedly change the course of America.”
    And this one made me laugh for quite a while: “See you on the flip side (whatever that means).”
    Ooooo. Looking forward to the new series!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks for the encouragement.
      Yes!! 😀 I love it. The only bad thing is, my cat sometimes thinks it’s a toy and tries to eat it. XD
      It is. 0_0 Have you read it?
      XD I’m glad it made you laugh. (though, I’m still not sure what it means! XD Does it have something to do with flipping eggs? Or pizza? Or heaven? I’ll never know.)
      So am I. XD We’ll see how it goeth.


  • Your sword is named Kindness? That’s epic XD

    In my opinion, walking around in the forest practicing archery while barefoot is not childish — it makes you an Elf. 😉

    Btw, I just read your post on villains over on Kate’s blog. It was really good 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a friend’s idea. 🙂

      That’s true! *mentally scribbles out “Childish” and replaces it with “Elfish”*

      Thanks! It was pretty fun to write. Villains are so interesting. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  • I’ve been stalking all your Somethings posts so I was so happy to see this one! XD Congrats on getting a job and a second license!

    THAT DRAGON. O_O That’s amazing. What did you make it out of?


    • XD I welcome stalkers here. XD Why thank you ever so much.

      I KNOW. 0_0 I used charcoal, a stencil I made, some sketch paper, a good eraser, and a big charcoaly mess. 😉 I described the process up in my reply to Sarah’s comment if you want to know the details. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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