My Somethings for March

Hey friends!

I hope Edward’s invasion last week didn’t throw you off. 😉 To get back to some sense of normality, here are my Somethings for March!

Something Bittersweet/Exciting


See that little badge? It has a long, bittersweet story.

Near the end of February, I learned that Kingdom Pen’s editor and chief, Josiah DeGraaf, was wishing the site farewell.

Ugg. That…that was not expected. It threw the writing team for a loop. Until that announcement, I didn’t realize how much KP’s fantastic leader affected the site and the writing team’s work.

As upsetting as it was, the story didn’t end there. Josiah and a bunch of other Keepers decided to start a website called Story Embers, which focuses on helping Christian writers and artists of all ages. He asked the KP writers if we would like to join.

I thought about it for a bit.

And said no.

Just kidding! I jumped on board. The staff worked on the site last month, and it finally launched on the third! I feel blessed to be part of something so amazing. As of this moment, I’m an official staff writer, Pinterest manager, and…well, that’s not official yet, so I’ll keep that one under wraps till my next Somethings. 😉

P.S. No, I’m not leaving KP. I still write for them as well. 🙂

Something Freaky

Have you ever had your statement taken by a police officer? It’s a bit surreal. And unfortunate.

It happened to me a week or so after I started my job at the deli.

I had just clocked out for the night and was looking forward to going home. My shift usually lasts till ten, so darkness had already descended.

I walked out the entryway, right past a customer service lady speaking into one of those walkie-talkies connected to the store intercom. She was asking for the owner of some blue Honda to come to the front.

I walk out thinking, Interesting. I drove my parent’s blue Honda. But naw, they can’t be talking about that. I strolled through the parking lot, scanning for any other blue Hondas. The lady had to be talking about someone else’s car. I mean, I didn’t leave the lights on or anything…

There were no other blue Hondas. They were talking about my car.

Then I saw the police car hanging out next to mine.

Yup. The officers drove up to me and said someone had broken, or as they put it, “shot out” a window. It was absolutely shattered.

Pretty fantastic, right? I mean, my parents aren’t worried at all that I’m walking through a parking lot basically alone at night or anything. A shattered window isn’t going to bother them at all.

I hope you caught my sarcasm. The window was replaced, but as far as I know, the culprit wasn’t caught. It doesn’t scare me, but I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Something Terrible

A friend was in town last month.

No, that’s not terrible. I was pleased this friend was in town.


I really wanted to see A Wrinkle in Time. My mom had read the book to us as kids and the trailers had gotten me hyped for the movie. So, I asked my friend if she wanted to see it with me.

Me at the beginning of the movie: *nudges friend* “Hey, Tori, that’s in the books! Oooh, that’s in the books too!” *flails* “Charles Wallace! CALVIN YAY!”

Me after Oprah shows up: …why. Just…why.

The movie’s first half was great. Then it turned preachy.

And when I say preachy, I mean it could give most terrible Christian movies a run for their money.

I was angry. The book was so amazing. I’m not saying filmmakers always make the best movies out of books, but they had such great source material! They could have made something legendary and meaningful. Inside the story, there were strong themes of love and family that they could have followed.

But no. They ignored what the story was trying to say and absolutely wrecked it by forcing a modernized theme.

*sigh* At least Chris Pine and his blue eyes of wonder were in it.

Did I say that out loud?

Something Related to Writing

Guys, I did it again. I succeeded! 😀

I kicked myself into gear during the last few days of March and managed to finish Rook in time! 😀 😀 😀 I then got some awesome alphas to keep me accountable as I write this next draft.

*throws sparkles and confetti and celebrates with Chinese foods* This is a momentous occasion. It should be written down in all history books, remembered, and cherished in the ages to come.

For this month, I wanna finish Rook’s third draft and get it ready for betas.

Rook (2).png

Something Related to Reading

I should have put the bad news before the good news.

The Count of Monte Cristo still evades me. To make it worse, I just received the last book in a trilogy that I must read. *sigh* Such a terrible life, when you have too many books to read.

I hope to finished COMC and my new story this month. We’ll see if it actually happens.

Something Awesome and Painful

You all have friends, right? I have special, weird friends.

A funny thing happens to your friends after high school. It’s called life. As it turns out, life tends to pull people in all sorts of directions.

And sometimes that’s away from their other high school friends.

One of my amigos joined the Marines at the end of the summer. After earning his title as a Marine, he got to come back to Ohio! He and his friend drove down to Cedarville to see Tori and Hannah. I got to join them.

We had so much fun disturbing random studiers, talking in accents, and laughing at each other. It’s a night I’m not going to forget any time soon.

Unfortunately, He wasn’t in Ohio for very long, and I’m not sure when I’ll get to see him again. *sigh* Until next time, friend.

Something Girlish

I went shopping. No, I wasn’t held at gunpoint. *straightens* I went of my own free will.

My friend Callie and I decided to visit the Greene shopping center on one of my days off. I spent more money on Starbucks, cheesecake, and clothing that I’d like to admit.

Oh, and I also bought a giant bunny for my sister’s birthday. She may or may not have found it before her special day, (I didn’t hide it very well. It was sitting in my room on a chair, looking very conspicuous) but she loved it all the same.

Hannah’s bunny at Starbucks

That about sums it up! What’s a Something of yours? Anyone excited about Avengers: Infinity War? I’m sure you guys will be reading about that in my next Somethings. 😉

Till next week!

-Gabrielle R. Pollack

4 thoughts on “My Somethings for March

  • Yayyy! I’m so glad you’re writing for Story Embers, too! And I’m sorry about A Wrinkle in Time. I recently read the book and while it didn’t connect with me as much as others, I thought they could make a really cool movie out of it and was excited. But then it came out and I saw so many disappointed reviews 😛 Argh. YAY THOUGH YOU FINISHED ROOK! *waves pom poms* Am I on the beta list? *puppy eyes* Also that bunny is goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Thank you, dear. I don’t remember much about the books, tbh. Just some random details and the climax XD. Yup. Ah well. YES YAAAY. Thank you!!! 😀

    Of course!!! 😀

    I know, right?


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