My Nine Somethings for April


Morning friends!

I can’t believe May is here. 0_0 Someone stop time, please.

What did you do with your April? I spent mine working, writing, and crying over people that don’t exist.

Anyone else?


Something Cold

I live in a state where all four seasons can happen in a week.

Last month, winter would not let go. Don’t get me wrong; I like snow. But spring is still my favorite time of year, and when winter oversteps its bounds, it’s not ok.

I spent most of April wrapped up in a blanket, glaring at the white stuff covering the ground. Winter, you have officially overstayed your welcome. Now, GO AWAY.


Something New

I know I mentioned my involvement in Story Embers last month, but most of the stuff I was involved in happened after my March Somethings.

First, the site launched, and we were all excited and happy.

Then came Pinterest, which I was in charge of. Let me tell you, pinning around 800 images, writing prompts, and quotes all in one day is exhausting.

Next came guildmastering. For those of you who don’t know, I’m in charge of a small online writing group (a guild) at Story Embers. We do fun stuff like wage war against the other guilds, discuss storytelling stuff, and analyze stories.

My wonderful guild is named Avensbeck, and my guildpeople have taken to calling themselves Avensers/Guildmates. They’re pretty fantastic, not that I’m biased or anything.

Something EPIC (and Emotionally Traumatic)

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you’ll know that I’m a slight fan of Marvel.


Avengers: Infinity War came out last month. It was kinda a big deal to me. Marvel has been building up to this film for years.

At first, I was concerned about the movie. It’s crazy hard to balance so many POVs, and there were so many expectations surrounding the story. It had to accurately portray legends like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman. On top of that, it had to create a crazy baaaaad villain, since it’s been foreshadowing Thanos since he appeared in the first Avengers. This film had a lot to live up to.

And man did it surpass my expectations. The film was emotional and unexpected. It was full of intense, amazing scenes and an interesting theme to ponder.

If I had time and the desire to spend it in such a way, I’d write a review and share all my writerly thoughts.

But I don’t. So just go see the movie so we can cry together.

Something Old

My sister celebrate another birthday! :0 She’s oooold, man.

Which means I’m getting old. Yeesh.

But all in all, I’m glad I’ve been given more time to get older. Or else I’d be dead.

Here’s for blessings!

Something Independent

The shelving units in grocery store aisles make me bristle. You know that sign on the top shelf that always says, “ask for assistance to reach top shelf?”

I may have a small, illogical part of me that sees those signs and says, “No way. I am a tall, strong, independent woman who don’t need no help to reach the top shelf.”

So, every time I see those signs, I choose to ignore them.

And guess what? I always get what I want without assistance.

I may or may not end up knocking down half the aisle to get what I want, but it’s ok. I still reached it. Without help.

In your face, top shelf.

Something Fun

I met another one of my online friends! 😀

I met Drake, a fellow writer, at the National Air Force Museum last month.

There are a few things more agonizing for a socially anxious person than waiting to meet an online friend in real life. But I gathered up what small bit of courage I had and took the plunge.

It was totally worth those few seconds of pure terror before the words “Are you Drake?” came out of my mouth. We had a blast. We hung out at the museum most of the day, talking about Sacred Cows, Thermonuclear bombs, fangirls, and tons of other random things.

Drake .jpg

Something Related to Writing

I didn’t finish Rook’s third draft but considering what I had going on at SE, I’m not too disappointed.

It does put me behind schedule, however, so I’m going to be writing like crazy to catch up.

This month my goals are:

  • Start beta reading a project I agreed to beta read.
  • Finish Rook’s third draft and send it to betas
  • Write something for Story Embers
  • Bother Edward enough to give me another writing mistakes lesson

Something Related to Reading


I did not finish the Count of Monte Cristo, but by this point, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I did read the other book, the Wounded Shadow, so that still counts as something.

My goals this month are to:

  • Finish COMC (I think I’mma buy myself a cupcake or something if I finish this month #positivereinforcement)
  • Read Storm Siren by Mary Weber (she’s an author I want to meet at Realm Makers, so I figured I should actually read her book before going. My sister and Tori have been raving about it, so it must be good.)

Something Naturey (AND SNAKES)

I went up to Cedarville to spend some time with Hannah and Tori. After writing while they studied, Tori and I went spontaneous hiking. Mind you, I was in my lovely black heels and was not prepared for hiking. Here’s what I learned:

Life lesson #1: Spontaneous hiking is fun.

Life lesson #2: Spontaneous hiking in heels is also fun but in a this-is-slightly-challenging-man-I-hope-I-don’t-break-my-ankles sort of way.

Life lesson #3: Spontaneous hiking while barefoot because you don’t want to fall and die in your heels is also great until OUCH YOU STUPID ROCKS OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT A SNAKE happens.

Then it’s even better.

I really enjoyed my time with Tori, even though my feet weren’t too thrilled.



I hope you had a fantastic April! What are some of your Somethings? Did you have any thrilling encounters with wildlife?

Till next time,

Gabrielle R. Pollack

12 thoughts on “My Nine Somethings for April

  • Very interesting! I agree that winter stayed to long….way to long…. getting older is a plus, I am old as the hills, I should know XD I never worry about the top shelf, even though I am not THAT tall, I have long arms XD I remember that, I spotted you first thing through the door, but, I couldn’t work up the courage to even talk to you……XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you’re very old. Which makes me ancient. 😛

      Long arms are very helpful sometimes.

      XD I was the eldest, so initiating conversation was my responsibility XD

      Liked by 1 person

  • I too, turned very ancient last month, but let’s not talk about that… ;P
    Temperatures here are already in the upper 80’s/90’s, so you might count yourself lucky for now! You got some really nice shots on your adventure; it’s so lovely and green there.
    I enjoyed reading about your month, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    • XD
      Haha I’m sure that snow will look more appealing soon. It’s getting warmer, finally. XD
      Thanks! It felt like I stepped into an elvish valley. 🙂
      Thank you! 🙂


  • That first picture looks…cold. Very cold XD Winter where I live only gets as low as 50.
    Oooh, Storm Siren is a fun read! I read it a couple months ago and enjoyed it, though it is kinda heart wrenching (and I hope you have the sequel at hand, because the ending is like one of Nadine Brandes’ 😉 )
    Anyway, I loved your post here! I hope Rook keeps going well and that you can convince Edward to come back soon 😀


    • It is. XD Lucky! I love snow, but I hate the cold. I think there needs to be warm snow in heaven. 🙂

      Ouch. It is. (I actually finished it. And had to start the next right away. It’s a pretty terrible ending XD.)

      Thanks! Hehe, he’ll be back. Even if I have to force him. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  • This cracked me up! I love the pictures of the spontaneous hike and also really love spontaneous hiking! Though…can’t say I’ve ever done it in heels…course I don’t wear heels so…that’s probably why. Happy belated birthday to your sister! I’m so excited about Story Embers! And Storm Siren was actually really good! I liked it a lot and can’t wait to see what you think of it! I totally feel you on the top shelf! I’m not really short, so it’s never been a big deal, but every now and then there’s that one thing that just. out. of. reach! And I get it anyway. XD I haven’t seen Infinity Wars yet. I was told to watch Ragnarok first, but I am SUPER EXCITED! 😀 And, since this is all out of order, I agree with you about the snow! I was so ready for Spring and Summer!


    • I’m glad. 😉 Yes, it’s the best! When you’re not in heels. 😉 Thanks! 😀

      I’ll probably have a few words for it next Somethings. 😉

      Exactly! XD

      Yup, it’s exciting! Ragnarok would probably help you understand where Thor comes in, so it might be helpful to watch before Infinity. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  • *goes to catch up on reading all my favorite blogs because this month was hectic*

    Yay for Story Embers’ awesome guildmaster and Pinterest manager! You’ve been doing an amazing job. 🤗

    I always get what I want—with assistance. Not because I’m not strong or independent or anything, just cuz I’m short and I have to get used to needing assistance from tall people like you. 😉

    My somethings? Well, I can’t tell what my main something is because Aberdeen has sworn me to secrecy. 😜🦖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Aw thanks. 🙂 Have I ever mentioned that all the SE graphics are fan-flipping-tastic? 😉


      *whispers* Hey Aberdeen, if I bribe you with a yummy third draft of Rook, will you let her tell me her super secret?

      Liked by 1 person

      • *reaches short hand out for book* YES. I will tell you.

        No. No. I can’t do that.

        *drools* I will tell you everything!

        NO! *shoves book away* I can’t…let…you know my secret….yet….

        But that delicious book! *cries because I can’t have it*

        Liked by 1 person

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