My 9 Somethings for May

Have you ever had a bird laugh at you?

I swear the other morning a bird was cackling at me while I wrote. It was rude.

Anyhow. Not relevant.

I lived another month! Isn’t that fantastic?

Something Painful

I have a lot of random hobbies I’ve picked up throughout the years (claymation, flag dancing, horse riding, sketching, piano). Some hobbies last. Most don’t.

Wood carving was one that didn’t last too long. However, last month I got the urge to pick up my wood carving tools again.

I was in the process of hollowing out a little canoe with one of my gouges when I decided to discard the age-old advice associated with knife-wielders. In other words, I decided to carve toward my hand instead of away from it.

I have so much smarts. Long story short, I stabbed my finger with a gouge.

It wasn’t fun. Carve away from yourself, children!

Some of my tools and unfinished canoes

Something Cute

I made art. This is Steve the sunflower, a character from a random story I made up for a friend.

Steve2 (2).jpg

Something Enjoyable

I’m an introverted writer who hides her stuff from the world. Therefore, I’m not overly fond of platforming.

But I found a fun way to do it. It’s called Pinterest. As I’ve only mentioned a thousand times before, I’m the Pinterest manager at Story Embers. Since I use Pinterest as a marketing tool for SE, I decided to use it to help my blog as well.

That said, I started making writing prompts to get people interested in my site. So far it’s working. I started a page of ’em so you can share them with your writerly friends *wink wink* or use them yourself.

One of my favorite prompts

Something Related to Writing

I fear I did not finish my third draft of Rook. I’ve had a terrible time staying motivated and enjoying my writing. It feels more like a drag than a joy and privilege at times. I believe I might be coming out of my slump, but it didn’t help with my editing.

Rook is also (still) terribly flawed. I’m having trouble weaving my worldbuilding into the narrative without info dumping and confusing the life out of my readers.

Ah well. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it. However, I do believe a break is in order. As soon as I finish this third draft, I’m going to set Rook aside for at least a month.

On a more positive note, Edward did show up with another lesson, so that’s always a joy.

My goals for this month include:

  • Finishing the third draft of Rook and setting his world aside for a month
  • Making Edward write me another lesson
  • Brainstorming and outlining a super secret project that won’t be a secret as soon as you read the next Something

Something About Ridgeline

Drumroll, please.

*pauses for dramatic effect cuz Edward is rubbing off on her*

*pauses for more dramatic effect*

A few years ago, I was on Pinterest.

I know, I probably ruined the tension with that sentence. But Pinterest is to blame for this next idea.

I saw a writing prompt/photo on the infamous site that sent my mind whirling. At the time I was still working on my first series (called Dragon’s Gate, if anyone was wondering), so I dubbed the idea Ridgeline and stored it away.

After a few months, I dropped my old books and started Rook. A year passed. Ridgeline sat in the corner of my mind, patiently waiting.

Its time came in May.

I told my brain that I needed to take a break from Rook. I gave it permission to go back to this Ridgeline idea and make something out of it.

Oh boy. I probably should have given permission after finishing Rook.

I officially started brainstorming for Ridgeline, the first book in my next fantasy trilogy. I haven’t straightened out the details, but for now, the story is about a snarky immortal with a death wish, a smart-aleck mentor, an angry beauty, and a quirky healer.

And lots and lots of epicness.

I’m planning on posting a project page (synopsis, character bios, and the like) for Ridgeline in the near future and will probably have Edward announce it in one of his posts once it’s up. *throws glitter to celebrate this new idea*

Something Distracting

Netflix is the bane of society.

I set up a Netflix account so a few girls and I could finish watching BBC’s Sherlock (we will go great lengths to watch Sherlock).

It turns out there are a bunch of other TV shows to watch on there. I decided The Flash seemed like a good show to waste my time with.

And waste it I did. Not that the show was terrible or anything. I just have a life. And Netflix doesn’t want me to have a life.

Don’t get Netflix.

Something New

I have a bad habit of breaking expensive objects. Like phones, for instance.

This month I decided my poor Moto had enough of me and needed to be retired. It already had a lovely crack through the screen.

Then I made it worse and shattered it. Lucky for me I’d already ordered a new one. Hello, new phone. Farewell, old friend.

I wonder what the fate of this new phone will be.

I wonder what the fate of the next phone will be.

Something Related to Reading

Let me tell you a story. It’s called, Why Gabrielle Hasn’t Finished The Count of Monte Cristo.

Once upon a time, Gabrielle thought it was a good idea to start a book called Storm Siren. She spent late night after late night in the clutches of this story. Their relationship went something like this:

Gabrielle: *gives Storm Siren her heart because she loves these characters*

Storm Siren: *gently holds heart* Aw look at this little heart. I’m going to be very careful with this fragile JK MWAHAHA *crushes and mangles Gabrielle’s heart with a sickening crunch*

Gabrielle: Ouch.

After finishing Storm Siren, Gabrielle had to start the second book. It only makes sense that after a book tears out one’s heart, one must continue the relationship with its sequel.

Then, Gabrielle had something called work and a current WIP. Then came a story idea she shouldn’t be thinking about and a month of free Netflix.

She also has very poor time management.

As implied by the title, Gabrielle once again failed to finish The Count of Monte Cristo.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my little tale.

I swear by a bag of goldfish (I love goldfish) that I did read more of the Count of Monte Cristo. I really did. But as the story showed, I had other things on my mind.

Like trying to repair what was left of my mangled heart.

My goals for this month are to:

  • Read the Count of Monte Cristo (I can hear you all laughing already)
  • Read Siren’s Song
  • Read The Girl Who Could See
  • I started a book club for my guild, so I’ll be reading The Hobbit within the next few months as well.

If I don’t show up next month with a Somethings, assume Siren’s Song tore out my heart and killed me.

Take flowers to my funeral, would you?

Something Dangerous

Speaking of funerals, my friends tempt me to do dangerous things. By now you should know that when danger and I get together, sharp objects are generally involved.

One of my lovely amigas decided we should do archery tricks.

Well, not we. Me.  First, it was decided I should try shooting a target while riding a zip line.

It did not work. But I didn’t stop there. Next came upside-down archery.

Picture me hanging from a tree branch by my legs and shooting a massive recurve bow at a foam target. 

Believe it or not, I have done this before.

Unfortunately, I had somehow lost my upside-down archery skills and failed to launch a single arrow. By now I was feeling like a failure of an archer. I mean, who can’t shoot upside-down while fearing your weak legs will give out and you’re going to impale yourself on your bow and arrow?

Even my sister (my sweet-as-sugar-but-also-hardcore-ninja sister) could do it.

I was not to be outdone. If I couldn’t shoot hanging upside-down, I would climb into the tree and shoot standing on a branch. So I clambered up with arrow between my teeth and a bow over my shoulder.

Was it probably dangerous? Yes. Should I have listened to the inner voice that said I shouldn’t? If I had heard that voice, the answer would probably be yes. But I didn’t.

You see why I celebrated living another month at the beginning of the post?

Believe it or not, I succeeded at in-tree archery. I can’t say I had stellar aim, but I survived.

I don’t know how those elves do it, man.

That was an insanely long Somethings. What’s a Something of your own? Did you do anything dangerous this month?

Till next time,

-Gabrielle R. Pollack

P.S. I’ve got an announcement.

A friend of mine launched a blog!

Mariposa is a fellow staff member at Story Embers and creates amazing graphics for us. But that’s not all she does. She recently launched an amazing blog called Dino’s Digest.

It’s not just any blog, mind you. This creative mastermind writes her blog from the perspective of Aberdeen, her Authorosaurus. I can already tell it’s going to be full of fun and writerly wisdom.

So check out her blog and say hello for me!

Goodbye for realz,

-Gabrielle R. Pollack


8 thoughts on “My 9 Somethings for May

  • Ouch! I guess those sayings are there for a reason!
    It’s tough when those shiny, new ideas, want to drag you away from what you should be working on! Storm Siren, sounds intriguing, I might have to read it… Or maybe I shouldn’t. 😉 My month was mostly made up of attending several graduations…Though one of the highlights was getting lost for several hours, while hiking in the mountains. ;]
    Your ‘Somethings’, are always so eventful!

    Liked by 1 person

  • It was fun at first, just exploring. But then it became tiresome, knowing how far we had to go back! But now that I survived it, it was kind of exciting. And I have a few scars to remember it by. ;p

    Liked by 1 person

  • *reads post innocently*

    *reaches last paragraph*

    *cries ink tears and gives you the biggest dinosaur hug I can muster* 🤗🦖

    Anyway, back to your somethings. You mean I have to wait to taste-test Rook? *pouts* Ridgeline is a cool title, btw, but you seem to like to name all your books with the letter R. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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