My 9 Somethings for July

Hey friends!

I survived my first writer’s conference and my first kidnapping! 😀 Isn’t that exciting?

Welcome to my nine Somethings for July.

Something on Fire

Every July we host a party near the Fourth. We use this party as an excuse to blow up stuff.


Because it’s fun and we are ‘mericans.

I dragged my camera out during the party to snap some pics of all the pretty, burning objects.

Something Familiar

I dyed my hair once again and enjoyed all the confusion I inflicted upon my poor fellow humans who had a hard time recognizing me. You’ll notice the change in the pictures below so I won’t bother with one now.

Something Legendary

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

I attended my first writer’s conference EVER, and boy, it was worth the money.

I reunited with members of my SE family, met new siblings, and was honored to chat with some writers who follow Story Embers (including one of my epic Avensers :D). I met agents and editors, had a few pages of Rook critiqued by one of my favorite authors (Nadine Brandes), and practice-pitched Ridgeline to an editor.  

Realm Makers helped me realize that authors, agents, and editors are real people. Publishing can really happen. All those people aren’t eager to crush my dreams. They are willing and ready to help.

I’ll let the picture captions tell more of the story:

Something Green

The SE staff have this weird thing where, when they gather together, they must sing. It’s like a Disney movie but with a bunch of writers instead of princesses.

After a fancy awards dinner on Friday, the SE staff and a few other writers wandered outside the hotel singing A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman (while we were still dressed as characters).

Because singing and SE people go together like writers and caffeine.

We waltzed past a corner singing our hearts out when we hear, “Wait! Come back! That’s my favorite song!”

A lady on a balcony nearby was calling us back.

My first thought: RUN AWAY!!! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

My thoughts were not shared by all. Brandon (an extrovert) led us back toward the scary people and quipped that the next song would cost them five dollars. He wasn’t being serious.

They crumpled up five bucks and tossed it down anyway.

I’m not making this up.

We couldn’t cheat them out of their money, so we sang the song again. They pulled a phone out to video us half-way through, and I wanted to run again.

It was a good thing I stayed because once we finished, they threw down another five.

We were rich. So we did what all rich people do at ten at night and walked to McDonalds. We bought a bunch of ice-cream sundaes and toasted to our new singing group called “the Taste of Victory.”

Something Cool

Here’s the part where I get kidnapped.

A long time ago in a writing community far, far away, I met a writer named Cassie. She’s a hopeless romantic. I’m not. She doesn’t like plotting. I love plot. She doesn’t like writing violence. My stories involve assassins and wars.

Somehow we became super good friends.

I met her at Realm Makers, and man, did we have a fantastic time at the conference. In fact, she enjoyed my company so much that, once it was over, she was kind enough to abduct me and tie me up in her closet because she never wanted me to leave. Ever.

Jk. She left me in the basement. How rude would it be to trap me in a closet?

All joking aside, my stay at Cassie’s was great. She’s as awesome in person as she is online, and is practically brimming with personality and love. I can’t wait to see where she goes as a writer.

Cassie and I

Something Related to Writing

I started writing Ridgeline! I’m loving my snarky MC and his complicated friends. I hope to finish worldbuilding and plotting this month.

Rook is not doing so well.  

When I first wrote Rook, I had this vague idea of what the rest of the series would look like.

Keyword: Vague.

Because I didn’t have a clear picture of what happened later on, I accidentally wrote Rook as a prequel. I had trouble incorporating the worldbuilding with the conflict because it didn’t have anything to do with the overall plot, which naturally tied into the story world. Many of the main characters who showed up in Rook didn’t show up in the next story.

I’m scrapping practically the entire book.

That’s partially why I didn’t pitch Rook at Realm Makers. I couldn’t nail down a good premise to actually use in a pitch.

Putting all this work aside kinda feels like depression and death got married and had a baby called *screams of agony*.

*sigh* But I have Ridgeline. And that is a first book, NOT a sequel. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

Something Related to Reading

I read a book. It’s a miracle.

Not The Count of Monte Cristo, but I’ll get to that. I really will.

I bought Nadine’s new book, Fawkes, and read it in about a week.

’Twas a beauty. Go read it.


Something Old

I turned 19.

*half-heartedly throws glitter* Yay.

Something Funny

I, Gabrielle Pollack, am a hobo bodyguard.

A week or so before Realm Makers, my friend asked me to chill with her at work. She’s a ranger at the campground I used to work for and closes at night by herself.

She was dealing with some interesting customers and wanted me for moral support or something.

Night fell, and I was late thanks to a run-in with some raccoons. I showed up in sweatpants and a baggy shirt with hair that looked like it hadn’t been brushed in ages. Oh yeah. I didn’t have shoes, either.

And I got hungry, so I ended up eating out of a soup can too.

Despite looking like a crazed homeless woman someone had picked up off the street, I was a fantastic bodyguard (if I do say so myself).

Though I’m rather bitter I didn’t get paid. Then I could have bought more soup.

I hope your July was fantastic! What adventures did it bring? If you want to know more about my Realm Makers experience and if you should go yourself, feel free to ask. 😀 

Gabrielle R. Pollack

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