Ten Small Things I’m Grateful for as a Writer

It’s the little things we don’t notice that make all the difference. It’s not often we realize how comforting that crack in our favorite coffee mug is, or how our little table lamp consistently illuminates our late night writing endeavors.

Here’s an ode to all the little things that bless my journey as a writer.

1. Spotify.

It has yet to judge me for playing the same song over and over (and over) again.

2. The Internet

It likes to give out on occasion, just to remind me life exists outside the interwebs.

3. The Floor

It’s a faithful desk, pacing ground, and flat surface to bang my head against when I realize writing is hard, and I should have chosen another career.

4. The Sun

It continues to shine on me every time I venture away from my writing into the light, though it’s probably mad I don’t give it more attention.

5. My Trusty Laptop

Who I have yet to name but likely use more than my bed.

6. My Cat

She desecrates that laptop by walking across it when I’m trying to write.

7. The Blue Light Filter

It dims my laptop at nine each night, sending me into a panic because I only have three hours until bedtime and have so much left to do.

8. My Sword

It’s always there to help me through a rough brainstorming session.

9. My Notepad

It dutifully contains all my goals, still clinging to the hope that I will someday reach them all despite my repeated failures.

And Finally…

10. The “Forgot Your Password?” Links 

Without which I would be locked out of nearly all my online accounts more than once.

For these ten small things, I am grateful.

What ten things are you grateful for as a writer?

Have a writing-filled rest of your weekend!

Gabrielle R. Pollack 

10 Small Things I'm Grateful for as a Writer.png

7 thoughts on “Ten Small Things I’m Grateful for as a Writer

    • XD They are the best. XD Until of course, you leave your forum password at home during Realm Makers, and the site won’t let you reset. Then you have to ask your Josiah to help you,
      and he has to reset it for you himself, all because you can’t remember your password.

      But that’s totally never happened to me…:P


  • Love this Gabby!
    I’m going for it! Ten small things I’m grateful for as a writer.
    1) Coffee (to keep me awake)
    2) Imagination
    3) Laughter (mad or of the humored variety)
    4) Pens (for when my eyeballs get tired of looking at a screen)
    5) Piano (to give my mind a break)
    6) Sweatshirts (for when my Attic is cold)
    7) Candles (because why not?!)
    8) Walls (to put things on and surround myself with inspiration)
    9) Snacks
    10) Library ladders (so I can climb, hibernate and write)

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  • So many things to be thankful for… Pencils/paper, erasers/backspace/undo (they can erase your mistakes), writing community (I learn a lot and get encoraged not to give up), computers (for faster writing), the web (for research, but it will distract you with it’s many knowledges and facts. :P), my cat (I have one too. He is a little muse), my brother (my guy characters would be flatter than a pancake squashed under a semi-truck if I didn’t have him as an aid), my parents (because spelling/grammar and encouragement are necessary), auto correct/word suggest (the one on my new device is nicer, helpful when I don’t know how to spell something and misspell it and it catches it.).
    I think that is ten. 😺

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