My 10 Somethings for August

Meeting retired car thieves, exasperating people with glitter, and long road trips.

Just another month in the life of Gabby.

Welcome to My Somethings for August!

Something Sad

My sister and her roomie, Tori, moved away this month. 😦

First off, it’s just plain sad they won’t be around. Second, watching them leave for Cedarville gave me homesickness for the college I dropped out of. Don’t you hate it when you make the right choice but are still pained by it?  

All depressing feelings aside, they now have the ability to commute to Cedarville, and I’m allowed to visit them on the weekends. I think I’ll survive. 😉

Something Black

The internet went down for a day.

A day, people. It was crazy.

Ok, not really. I’m a tad spoiled. But because my school and WIP are online, I couldn’t resume my schedule as usual. So why not do something spontaneous?

A few hours later I had painted my desk, some glass jars, and a spattering of other random objects black.

Why? Because you can use chalk on black! I had grand plans of creating epic chalk scribbles across my black-covered objects.

Those plans haven’t happened. My cat uses my desk more than I do.

But that’s alright. I had fun. 🙂

Paint it Black.jpg

Something Normal

I started online school, y’all. You’re looking at an English major. *thumbs up*

For those who might remember, I started college last year as a graphics design major then dropped out. I can confidently say I enjoy this major much, much better than GD, and I appreciate the online set-up. Instead of sketching designs, I get to read epic short stories, pithy poems, and powerful plays.

It’s cool. 🙂


Something Exciting

A friend (Callie) and I drove to Georgia to visit our marine friend. I’d never traveled so far without my parents, but I wasn’t concerned. What could go wrong?

We stopped at a gas station in Kentucky, and Callie accidentally locked her keys in her car.


When this happens in Ohio, we call the cops, and they’re kind enough to break into our car for us.

The police don’t do this in Kentucky.

We were stranded hours from home at a random, slightly trashy gas station on the side of the interstate without transportation.

We spent a half hour trying break into her car ourselves. We bought a cheap screwdriver, glanced at a few articles and Youtube videos, and pried the car door open enough to shove sticks, then the car antenna, through the crack to reach the lock button. We inched closer every attempt, but couldn’t quite reach it.

Two men asked us if we needed help.

It was an immensely kind gesture, but I got a little uptight. Not to judge by appearances, but they had tattoos. And piercings. And one was missing a shirt. You can understand why two young ladies would be a little warry.

But it gets even better. These guys seemed to know what they were doing. They had experience. I then gathered from further dialogue that, in their younger years, they used to break into cars.

Essentially, a bunch of retired car thieves stopped to help two young girls break into their car.

It was the best. Thing. Ever.

Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed, so we were forced to call another car place for help. It took a while for them to reach us, but the professional had the car open in two minutes.

It was quite an experience. *sends a nod of thanks to the kind, retired car thieves who tried to help us anyway*

We had a bunch of other adventures once we reached Georgia. We visited the Georgia Aquarium, saw a terrible movie, ate Korean food, and risked a slightly shady part of Atlanta at one in the morning to reach our car (a Marine accompanied us; don’t worry). I’m glad we went down to visit my friend, despite our interesting run-ins with strangers.

Something Related to Writing

Since school set in and my responsibilities at SE have picked up a bit, I haven’t worked on my new Rook story, Ceasefire. I’m alright with that. I’ll pick it up after I finish Ridgeline.

Ridgeline dragged for a bit, but now I’m 20,000 words in! I have yet to reach the first plot point (which, in story structure, occurs around a quarter of the way through).

This book is going to be massively long, and that, my friends, makes me happy (and a tad nervous). 😀

I also had another article published on Story Embers! 😀 This one discusses how to enliven description by using character

Something Related to Reading

No, I didn’t finish COMC.

I did finish the Storm Siren Trilogy. *grins* I can’t share my reaction, though. It may spoil it.

*whispers* But if you’ve read it, I’d love to fangirl over it. 😀

IMG_20180829_074216_646 - Copy.jpg

Something New

I started messing with the Jo staff (picture smooth walking stick used in martial arts) this month. My characters in Ridgeline rely on this weapon heavily, so I thought I should have some hands-on training with it.


Something Fantastic

The weekend after the Georgia trip, I drove to Indiana to visit my SE sister, Mac! She had invited me to celebrate her birthday with her, and my dad was kind enough to guide me down there.

We had a fantastic time. She’s a crazy, quirky, fantastic person that can set this introvert at ease, and I loooooved spending time with her. We went skating, played frisbee golf, and sang together. She also introduced me to a fellow INFP, Hannah, and we bonded over our evil writer sides. *cackles*

Before I leave this subject, I have to mention a certain incident involving glitter.

I sent a letter to Mac’s sister before the party because they were using these letters to create a scrapbook for Mac. I shoved glitter in the envelope and wrote a warning on the outside because I’m conscientious like that. All was right and well in the world.

Until that warning was printed over and the sisters didn’t see it.

Let it be sufficient to say they were surprised. The glitter may or may not have gotten everywhere.

The tale does not end there.

When I arrived, I handed Mac a card when with the same pink glitter inside and a warning on the outside. The sisters later recognized the card and proceeded to tell me the whole story.

I now have a record for harassing people with glitter.

Something Artistic

I started writing poetry!

Am I going to share some?


Something Peaceful

Remember that meteor shower that passed through a few weeks ago? My family sprawled out on the pool deck to watch the stars. It wasn’t eventful. Just peaceful. 🙂

Time has flown by! I’m already mentally writing my end-of-the-year post. XD Has anyone finished the Storm Siren series? Have you had any interesting encounters with kind strangers this month?

*throws glitter*

Gabrielle R. Pollack

My 10 Somethings for August.png

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