My 9 Somethings for September

Hey friends!

I hope life is treating you well! My month was a rather calm one but not without its quirky happenings. 🙂 Welcome to my 9 Somethings for September!

Something Related to Writing

I’m done with Ridgeline!

*yells from the rooftop* *dances in the rain* *throws glitter that sticks to my wet hair*

This story is one of the most natural books I’ve written yet. I outlined but didn’t force myself to stress too much over scene structure and theme, like I’ve done before. There’s a bunch of issues (it’s the first draft, after all), but I’m still thrilled with it. 🙂 The current word count is 68,757.

I also had a major breakthrough regarding Rook’s new book, Ceasefire. The story had been missing a certain something I couldn’t name, but when a new idea hit me, the whole thing came to life. 🙂 Was I brainstorming when I should have been writing Ridgeline? Maaaaaybe.

I’m planning on writing Ceasefire during Nanowrimo. 🙂

I had two articles published on SE this month!

Don’t Let Pressure Kill the Joy in Your Writing and How to Use Details in Action Sequences. *beams with pride*

Something New

I got another job. Again. It seems like I’m either leaving one or starting one every month, right?

This time around, I’m doing odd and end tasks like opening phone boxes, organizing computer equipment, and handing people things. I also follow around a bunch of guests who can’t wander around without an employee, so I’m officially a paid stalker, an upgrade from my previous status of hobo bodyguard. 😀

So far, it’s much better than working at a deli. It isn’t regular work, and it won’t last for long, but it’s enough to keep my wallet from starving.

Something Related to Reading

I don’t think I finished any books this month, sad as it is. However, I’m systematically working my way through The Count of Monte Cristo (No, I haven’t given up yet), The Emotional Craft of Fiction, and Storyworld First.

To prove I’m still reading COMC, here’s one of my favorite quotes so far:

“I am hungry, feed me; I am bored, amuse me.” —A random character in COMC, page 315.

Something Motivating

I’m not sure if I started it or she did, but now I have a word war partner that won’t leave me alone.

Hope Schmidt and I started word warring a few weeks ago. I doubt I would have finished Ridgeline this month without our little battles. She makes me sad for her characters, I make her sad for mine, and we spend a fair amount of time yelling at each other about it.

It’s great. Go check out her website to yell at her some more about her mistreatment of characters.

And get a word war partner because they really help with motivation.

Something Beautiful

I went hiking alone.

Most weekends I drive to Hannah and Tori’s house to study and hang out. Last weekend, I decided to visit the park down there, take a trail, and snap some pics.

And, because I’m smart, I wanted to do it alone. Don’t worry, guys. I had a staff, pepper spray, and my mad ninja skills to keep me safe.

When I arrived, it had just stopped raining. Mist was rising from the ground, the sun hung low in the sky, and wildlife wandered about like humans didn’t even exist.

It was glorious. Granted, I spent most of my time searching (and failing to find) the trail I wanted, but that’s alright. I enjoyed watching critters and hiding from the occasional human.

Something Amusing

Anyone who knows me understands that I spend a bunch of time on the computer. Between SE tasks, writing, blogging, and online college, I stare at a computer screen for the larger part of the day.  

I needed a break from my screen last week and decided it was the perfect day to grab Kindness (my sword) and visit the creek to take a few sword pictures. I wandered down the hill and crossed the road.

I was a rather curious sight. Too lazy to put on other clothing, I had a beanie hiding most of my hair, no shoes, a long sweater, and a sword strapped to my back.

I stepped into the trees and froze. I was a moron.  There. Were. SPIDERWEBS.

My internal voice piped up:

Ewww spiderwebs. I should have brought my staff to knock them down. Maybe I can find a stick…

*Two seconds later* Gabby, you literally have a sword strapped to your back. Why do you think people MADE swords?

Yes. I brought noble Kindness to bear on those glossy threads of terror, though I may have looked a tad strange.

Ok, I may have looked really strange. It isn’t every day you stumble upon a barefoot lady in a beanie who’s waving her sword in the air like she’s directing a concert.

I’m just glad no one saw me. Hopefully. *searches for any spying neighbors*

Kindness (2).jpg

Something Official

I’m an official college student again! Lumerit sent me a package full of epic college swag, including an actual student ID! It’s my third one, but I still felt special. 😀

Lumerit Swag.jpg

Something Depressing

As you know, it is dangerous for me to start a TV show. I get rather addicted and waste lots of time.

About a month or two ago, I started an older show called Merlin. I loved the sweet, compassionate nature of the dorky MC and loved the character’s relationships. They carried the series through flat villains, gaping plot holes, and heart-wrenching tragedies and have made it my favorite TV show since Sherlock.

And now it’s over. I finished it. *sniffs* It ended horribly. But at least I have my life back, right?


Something Hilarious (Which Happened on the Last Day of August, but it’s Close Enough Who Cares)

Last month I mentioned visiting Mac, celebrating her birthday, and meeting a fellow INFP, Hannah. Welp, I mentioned my WIP Ridgeline to her and explained that the MC, Ace, was immortal. He’s 827 years old, to be exact.

She joked that he was so old, he was nothing more than a little jar of dirt. I cracked up, probably more than I should have.

A few weeks later, I mentioned that Ace wasn’t in a very good place in the story.

She decided he needed ice cream sent me this:

Ace the Jar of Dirt
This is the most adorable thing ever. 

Meet my MC, ladies and gentlemen. Ace of Accmere, a jar of dirt. *dies laughing*

I didn’t leave the state this month! How crazy is that? XD

How was your September? Have you fully embracing autumn, or are you still denying its existence?

Happy fall! *throws leaves*

Gabrielle R. Pollack
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