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*Bows* Gabrielle R. Pollack, at your service. I’m a quirky, newbie adult who enjoys chocolate way too much and believes coffee is a gift from God. I currently live on one of Ohio’s hills with my many cats and fantabulous family. I’m a problem child of God and strive to serve and glorify him with my writing.

A long time ago on a hill not-so-far away, I started writing fantasy. I’ve survived writing three novels, an internship at Kingdom Pen, and a plethora of other writing projects. At the moment I’m a full-fledged member of the Kingdom Pen writing team and am wrestling my current WIP, Rook, into a presentable form in the hopes that I may pitch it with agents and publishers. I spend my time being sarcastic, writing, eating snacks, and banging away at the piano.

What you’ll find on this blog:

This little corner of the internet is dedicated to my weird life and epic fiction. That said, you’ll find fun life stories, fictional content, and random photographs scattered across this site. Oh, and on occasion, I’ll have a deep thought that’s worth writing down, hence the non-fiction posts that show up every once in a while.

Start here:

If you have just found this blog, welcome! Here are some posts to get you familiar with my site:

Spider-Man, MBTI, And What Would Happen to Me During the Apocalypse

You know You’re a Fiction Writer….

Perfection is not Required

My 10 Somethings for the Month of November

Hot Chocolate, Interior Decorating, and the Abominable Christmas Tree: Part 1 (A Sam Short Story)

You’ll find most of my other posts in the Archives.

Thanks for reading!

-Gabrielle R. Pollack

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