Olympics, Snowboarding, and Sprained Wrists: Part One (A Samiversary Story)

Today marks a momentous occasion.

Actually, tomorrow is the momentous occasion. But I’m celebrating it today since it’s Friday and I post on Fridays and all that.

A year ago tomorrow, I posted my first Sam story. Can you believe it? I’ve been pestering you guys with my little, awkward drama king for almost a year.

To commemorate this occasion, here is another Sam adventure. Behold! Olympics, Snowboarding, and Sprained Wrists: Part One (Samiversary Story):

The car zipped down the highway at speeds Timber probably shouldn’t be reaching.

“Mom’s gonna freak! She’ll blame me and––”

I flinched, pulling the phone away from my ear. Timber glanced over, and I shrugged.

“Samantha, I’m fine. I promise,” I said.

“Timber said you were kidnapped and broke your leg or something! I mean, I’m used to the occasional concussion, but kidnapping!? I shouldn’t have let you go. I knew––”

‘’My legs are perfectly f––” The car hit a pothole, and I nearly dropped the phone. “Fine.” I hid my taped wrist behind my back.

“What happened?”

I blew out my cheeks. “I’ll tell you if you promise to calm down, ok?”

“I am calm. I am perfectly calm.” Samantha exhaled, sending a burst of static into my ear.

“You ready?” I asked.


“I wiped out. On a snowboard.” Read more

Happy Anniversary to Me

Hi guys!

Two years ago I launched my first blog post. I was a bit nervous. I had recently turned fifteen and was a newbie to the scary world of blogging and fiction writing in general.

I started The Great Rising Puzzlement as novice writer with a head full of dreams and not a single draft under my belt. Fast forward two years and I’ve finished three drafts, somehow landed an internship, and now teach other young writers about story craft.

Am I still learning? Yes. But I’ve made progress.

Thanks for all your encouragement folks. Thanks for bothering with this corner of the internet. You guys are the best people ever.

In honor of this celebratory occasion I bestow upon you an extra blog post: Cheetos, Kittens, and Paint Cans: Part 1 (A Sam Short Story).

Enjoy ya’ll!

Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. (the older, hopefully wiser version of) The Great Rising Puzzlement)