Storytelling Flaws By (The Villainous) Edward Stone


A well-dressed gentleman walks into the room and tips his hat Top of the mornin’ to you. I’m Edward. Edward Stone.

Gabrielle: shoves Edward out of the way I do the introductions around here, ok? They’ll get confused if you do it.

Edward: glares You could always change it up a little.

Gabrielle: ignores him Hi friends!

Edward: mutters something about a lame introduction

Gabrielle: Be quiet, Edward. turns to readers As I hinted in my last post, I’m implementing a few changes. I’ve invited one of my villains––

Edward: cough Lord Executive Master and High Ruler of the One Hundred sectors, thirty-two divisions, and two realms. cough

Gabrielle: …to help me out with a few things. I want to share what I know about storytelling with you guys. However, I’ve got my hands full with Rook, and Edward has volunteered to take some weight off my back. Gabrielle shoots a concerned glance at the grinning Edward I’m slighting concerned he’s only doing this so he can take over my blog (he’s slightly obsessed with taking over things. I think he has control issues), but this will be fun. Once or twice a month, he’ll take the reins and––

Edward: steps in front of Gabrielle Ahem, My turn. You said I could announce my own series.

Gabrielle: Fine. But make sure you give them enough information.

Edward: waves Gabrielle away Now that that’s over with, let me give you a proper introduction. In all honesty, I’m a crook, not a professor. But any villain’s got to know how to weave a good tale, tug on the emotions, that sort of thing. I know a fair bit about storytelling.

Enough to know there are a lot of bad stories out there. I can’t help but groan when a good story is ruined by a glaring flaw.

Since I don’t want you all to fail miserably and create stories I can’t enjoy, I’m starting a––what does she call it––a blog series. I’ll be exposing a storytelling flaw in each post, covering subjects like character development, story structure, prose, and the like, so you can avoid them.

Is that clear? Good. disappears in an epic cape swoosh, mysterious fog swirling

Gabrielle: stares at where he disappeared

I hope that wasn’t a massive mistake. I’ll see you all next week with my Somethings, then it’s Edwards turn.

We’ll see how this goes.


-Gabrielle R. Pollack (and Edward Stone)


I’m Slowing Down

Hello, friends!

Isn’t it crazy that fall is already upon us? Fall holds special significance for writers.

Next month is what the writing community calls NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month. During this month writers join forces to encourage and push each other to write 50,000 words in a month. I participated last year and had a blast cranking out almost 2,000 words a day. I’ve decided to try my hand at Nano again this year and write 50,000 words of Ceasefire.

Things are a little different this year. Now, I’m a real college student. Grinding out all those words while worrying about a biology final and endless art projects won’t be easy. So, sad as it is, I will only post every other week in November so I can keep up with the demands of NaNoWriMo and my other writing projects.

Just thought I’d update y’all! I hope you have a lovely fall. 🙂

-Gabrielle Pollack (a.k.a. The Great Rising Puzzlement)

Happy Anniversary to Me

Hi guys!

Two years ago I launched my first blog post. I was a bit nervous. I had recently turned fifteen and was a newbie to the scary world of blogging and fiction writing in general.

I started The Great Rising Puzzlement as novice writer with a head full of dreams and not a single draft under my belt. Fast forward two years and I’ve finished three drafts, somehow landed an internship, and now teach other young writers about story craft.

Am I still learning? Yes. But I’ve made progress.

Thanks for all your encouragement folks. Thanks for bothering with this corner of the internet. You guys are the best people ever.

In honor of this celebratory occasion I bestow upon you an extra blog post: Cheetos, Kittens, and Paint Cans: Part 1 (A Sam Short Story).

Enjoy ya’ll!

Gabrielle Pollack (A.K.A. (the older, hopefully wiser version of) The Great Rising Puzzlement)

Nine Somethings (And a Big Announcement)

Alas, the end of another month draws near. Since my originally planned blog post cough Sam story cough isn’t ready, I have decided to begin a monthly series.

In other words, I failed, so I must now make my failure look like it was actually part of my evil plan all along.

At the end (or near end) of each month, I’m going to post a summation of that month in the form of what I call my Somethings. Very specific I know.

Lets start with…

Something Achieved

I’m saving my achievement for the end. So that was a terrible something to start on.

Something Refreshing

Spring. It’s finally here! Just hearing the birds sing makes me excited.

Something Beautiful

This rendition of Nearer, My God to Thee. It will probably give you chills.

Something Hard

I’m taking a college drawing class. Our teacher had us work with charcoal. Read more