My 11 Somethings for February

Hey friends!

Sorry ‘bout not showing up last week. I got a job, and, well…more on that later.
Anyhow, here’s how last month panned out.

Something Fun (and Slightly Painful)

Do you like sleeping on concrete? Cause I do.

Sort of. For a good reason.

Apparently, I’m a missable person because last month my sister invited me to spend the night at Cedarville with her and her roomie (who’s also my crazy friend).

It didn’t occur to me that college students don’t have room to store extra bedding for guests, so I ended up sleeping on about an inch of blankets and however many feet of concrete sits under the dorms. Read more

My 9 Somethings for the month of October

My original title for this post was, “My Somethings for Whatever Month This Is.”

That about sums up my overwhelmed, I-want-to-laugh-hysterically-on-the-floor, drink-coffee and sleep-through-all-my-classes attitude during October.

I promise I’m ok. I made it halfway through the semester. I can survive until winter break. Probably.

Something Out of the Ordinary

Coffee shops are cliche, millennial, chalk-themed hotspots that sell sugared cups of dirt for too much money, but I still like them.

Earlier this weekend my sister, cousin, and I all met at a coffee shop. Though I blew three bucks on the worst cappuccino ever, we had awesome girl time. *Thumbs up for socialization* Read more

Picture Post #1: Because I Can

Hey everyone!

I was planning on starting another Sam story series today, but the story is now officially longer than any I’ve written, so it’s not ready (story of my life, right?). In its place I have brought you pictures.

In the words of me, behold . 🙂

A smoke pipe thing on the top of my roof

Every so often I enjoy clambering through Hannah’s window onto the roof to do some writing.

One afternoon I was sitting up there with my laptop and thought to myself, “That smoke pipe thing would make a good subject! And the epic storm clouds would make a great background!”

The clouds started spitting on me a few minutes after I took my pictures, and, as you can imagine, the top of a house isn’t the best place to weather a storm.

I refused to leave and got an umbrella instead because I’m stubborn like that. Read more

The Day I Faked on Public Television

Hello all!

You’ve probably guessed that this article has something to do with public television. And me.
It does. But to get to that point, I need to set a few things up.

The Premise

I’ve mentioned somewhere in my previous posts that I had the privilege of taking a few classes at Cedarville University. One of my classes, in it’s most basic sense, was an art class. It was a great class.

In this class I had a teacher (no really). This teacher was asked to be on a ThinkTV art program. Cool right? I thought so.

My teacher then informed the class that ThinkTV wanted to film her in one of her classes. She chose my class for this filming and asked us if we would be attending that day.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the idea. It would be weird, sitting in art class doing artsy things with a camera hovering nearby. After thinking it over for a bit, I decided it couldn’t be that bad. It was just a camera, and I didn’t have to do anything special.

Read more