My 15 Somethings for Januaryish (Part 2)

Hey friends!

Here is the second part of my Somethings, as promised.

Something Sad

I’m all alone.

My sister headed back to college last month. Cedarville isn’t too far away, but it still feels weird. We’ve been together my entire life, and now she’s gone. *sniffs* Gone!

Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but still. Darn growing up.

IMG_2711 (2)
(Me and sis. I’m the one staring at the ground because I’m that photogenic.)


(Me and sis. I’m the one staring at the ground because I’m that photogenic.)

Something Deep

I had an article published by KP that hit pretty close to home. Many writers struggle with comparison and placing their worth in how well they write (including yours truly). In the article I wrote, I addressed these harmful patterns. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite articles that I’ve written.

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My Nine Somethings for September

Hello, friends!

I searched my blog post history and discovered this is my seventh Somethings post! I’ll explain why this is significant later on in this post.

Something Sad

I want you to close your eyes and imagine.

You’re poring over a biology textbook, a bag of trail mix at hand, munching away as you read. Of course, you glance over every so often to pick out an M&M, because honestly, what is trail mix without the M&Ms?

But then imagine, instead of picking out the M&Ms and eating them, you dig around in the mixture, grab the M&Ms, and stick them back in the bag.

I had to avoid the M&Ms in trail mix for a week. Why? I made the choice to go on what healthy, cool people call a “cleanse” *cue high pitched horror music.*

I am not a healthy person. I went from eating yummy, processed, sugary goodness to abstaining from extra sugar, processed foods, gluten, and dairy. Read more

The Day My Sister (Accidently) Punched Me in the Face

Before you get the wrong impression, I have a fantastic sister.

She’s like a lost baby lion. She’s soft, loving, adorable, and innocent. She gives me hugs when I don’t want them and laughs at my antics. She’s willing to tell me the truth about pretty much anything and lets me rant to her about storytelling (which means a lot to a writer). In the end she’s the best older sister ever.

But baby lions, no matter how cute and lovable they are, still have claws.

My sister would never hurt me on purpose.

I take that back. She’d never hurt me outside of karate practice. During karate….

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The Day I Faked on Public Television

Hello all!

You’ve probably guessed that this article has something to do with public television. And me.
It does. But to get to that point, I need to set a few things up.

The Premise

I’ve mentioned somewhere in my previous posts that I had the privilege of taking a few classes at Cedarville University. One of my classes, in it’s most basic sense, was an art class. It was a great class.

In this class I had a teacher (no really). This teacher was asked to be on a ThinkTV art program. Cool right? I thought so.

My teacher then informed the class that ThinkTV wanted to film her in one of her classes. She chose my class for this filming and asked us if we would be attending that day.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the idea. It would be weird, sitting in art class doing artsy things with a camera hovering nearby. After thinking it over for a bit, I decided it couldn’t be that bad. It was just a camera, and I didn’t have to do anything special.

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