Cheetos, Kittens, and Paint Cans: Part Seven (The End of A Sam Short Story)

It took me two months. And over 13,000 words.

This is the end, my friends. I finished it.

Behold, the seventh and LAST part of Cheetos, Kittens, and Paint Cans.

I stepped into the gym.

All the benches were stacked against the wall, hibernating in preparation for tomorrow’s game. The two basketball hoops were up and hidden. The court glimmered from a recent clean.

Levi and King were attaching the home side with paint cans, drawing random patterns that covered the  lines. The hiss of their cans must have silenced my entrance, for they didn’t look up when I closed the door behind me.

It would have been wise to take a moment to think of a plan. But, the part of me that believed it was logical said that if I let myself stand there and wonder what to do, I’d never get moving. So, like the smart man I am, I shouted the first thing that came to my mind. Read more

Cheetos, Kittens, and Paint Cans: Part Six (A Sam Short Story)

It’s back!

If you haven’t read the parts before this one, the series will be listed at the end of this post if you’d like to start from the beginning.

After a few glances over his shoulder, Timber pulled back into the flow of traffic. We’d agreed that since we couldn’t find King, I should finally be taken to urgent care.

Well, they’d agreed. I wasn’t so ready for the white rooms of the hospital.

James was still out there with the S.B.U. gang, giving in to all their stupidity, probably vandalizing a bunch of other cars.

I leaned my head back. Something nagged at the back of my mind, but I pushed it aside. No one said anything, partially due to our failure, and partially because Jade had managed to get the kitten to fall asleep and no one wanted to wake the little demon. Would James go to prison for this? How many cars would King strike before they ran out of paint? What if they decided more than one Glitter Boy should exist and painted a person? Read more

Cheetos, Kittens, and Paint Cans: Part Five (A Sam short story)

Ladies and Gentleman, I am sorry.

To be vague and unconvincing, life happened. And I moved. And made major life changes. I’ll explain later. But for now, here is the *Between gasps of exertion* fifth part of my Sam story.

It is almost over my friends. After the last part is published next week, we should all celebrate. Ice-cream anyone?

The grey ball of fluff was backed into a corner, its tiny kitten face crunched up in a snarl. I didn’t dare take another step. All illusions of grandeur had fled, and I was sure that small creature was threatening to kill me in its kitten language.

Jade crouched beside me, squirming with excited energy, silently cheering me on with her wide-eyed glances. Matt stood a little ways off, his slouching body the physical embodiment of a “harrumph”. I could almost feel him daring me to quit.

Timber hung back, having previously established that the cat would be scared of his tallness. I thought it was just an excuse, but I wasn’t about to call the six foot Goliath out on it. Jade was too excited to gently wrangle the small creature, though she still refused to leave without it, saying that the poor thing would get hit by a car. Read more