My 9 Somethings for July

Hey friends!

I survived my first writer’s conference and my first kidnapping! 😀 Isn’t that exciting?

Welcome to my nine Somethings for July.

Something on Fire

Every July we host a party near the Fourth. We use this party as an excuse to blow up stuff.


Because it’s fun and we are ‘mericans.

I dragged my camera out during the party to snap some pics of all the pretty, burning objects.

Something Familiar

I dyed my hair once again and enjoyed all the confusion I inflicted upon my poor fellow humans who had a hard time recognizing me. You’ll notice the change in the pictures below so I won’t bother with one now.

Something Legendary

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

I attended my first writer’s conference EVER, and boy, it was worth the money. Read more

I Was Not Eaten By Whales (My Trip to New Hampshire)

Hey guys!

My family likes to travel. We’ve visited almost all fifty states. Now that my sister and I are older, however, our epic journeys are coming to a close, thanks to college and adulting. My family wanted to fit in at least one last hurrah, so we decided to head out to New Hampshire.
Mind you, I didn’t remember New Hampshire from our previous trip, excluding a few details. I didn’t know where we were going. I didn’t know what we’d be doing, other than whale watching and hiking. Despite my lack of knowledge, I gladly jumped in the car for the fifteen (and a half) hour drive, ready for an adventure with my family.

Get ready for a flood of pictures.

Day 1 (Sunday): Five Hours of Parvin Blackwater

After church and two grad parties, my family packed the car and headed out. Read more