My 11 Somethings for the Month of July

Hello everyone!

My Sam story is a bit longer than I predicted, so I’ve decided to publish a few regular blog posts on an extra day of the week. Without further delay, I present to you my eleven Somethings for the month of July!

Something Fun

This month my family braved the heat and camped for four days at a Christian music concert-thing called the Alive Festival. We listened to epic artists like Hollyn, TobyMac, and NeedToBreathe.


Something Scary

Have you ever been minding your own business when something absolutely random shows up in your mind that you’ve never thought of, like, ever?

The subconscious mind is a scary place, my friends. I was minding my own business one day, innocently writing the climax of Rook, when my subconscious threw a major curveball at me by revealing a villain I wasn’t looking for. I’ve creatively imagined the confrontation with my subconscious and its creations going something like this:

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Picture Post #1: Because I Can

Hey everyone!

I was planning on starting another Sam story series today, but the story is now officially longer than any I’ve written, so it’s not ready (story of my life, right?). In its place I have brought you pictures.

In the words of me, behold . 🙂

A smoke pipe thing on the top of my roof

Every so often I enjoy clambering through Hannah’s window onto the roof to do some writing.

One afternoon I was sitting up there with my laptop and thought to myself, “That smoke pipe thing would make a good subject! And the epic storm clouds would make a great background!”

The clouds started spitting on me a few minutes after I took my pictures, and, as you can imagine, the top of a house isn’t the best place to weather a storm.

I refused to leave and got an umbrella instead because I’m stubborn like that. Read more