My 10 Somethings for the Month of May

May was a month of beginnings and ends, of surprises and new experiences. Out of all the months I’ve covered in my Somethings posts, this one might be the most filled with important happenings.

Something New

I was formally interviewed for a job for the first time! I was pretty nervous, to be honest, but it went well. Did I get the job? No, only because I would be missing orientation.

Something Fun

I had a graduation party! At first I was anxious about being a host (no, not to an alien parasite), but in the end I had a blast! I was overwhelmed with gratefulness at everyone’s support. My introverted self wanted to curl up in some obscure corner for a year after the party, but I still enjoyed myself.

Grad pic.jpg
Hanging out with friends at the partyme

Something Achieved

I graduated High School! It’s strange; a huge part of my life is over, for good. Time to move on and be an adult! *less enthusiastically* Yay. Read more

I Was Not Eaten By Whales (My Trip to New Hampshire)

Hey guys!

My family likes to travel. We’ve visited almost all fifty states. Now that my sister and I are older, however, our epic journeys are coming to a close, thanks to college and adulting. My family wanted to fit in at least one last hurrah, so we decided to head out to New Hampshire.
Mind you, I didn’t remember New Hampshire from our previous trip, excluding a few details. I didn’t know where we were going. I didn’t know what we’d be doing, other than whale watching and hiking. Despite my lack of knowledge, I gladly jumped in the car for the fifteen (and a half) hour drive, ready for an adventure with my family.

Get ready for a flood of pictures.

Day 1 (Sunday): Five Hours of Parvin Blackwater

After church and two grad parties, my family packed the car and headed out. Read more