My Projects: Ridgeline

Hey friends! Now that I finished Ridgeline’s first draft, I’m ready to share a bit of it with you! I’m sooooo excited! 😀  

For those who don’t know, Ridgeline is my WIP that I’ve been working on since July. This page is dedicated to whatever info I chose to share regarding the story, including my progress and a few character profiles.


Working Title: Ridgeline 

Genre: Low Fantasy

Length: 68,757 words.

Stage: On Break

Elevator Pitch:

A snarky immortal joins the human race in an attempt to save his decaying immortality. Before he can find the knowledge he needs, he’s pulled into the lives of three humans and their desperate efforts to survive an apocalyptic war.

Note: This is an evolving premise. The idea has already changed drastically and may change in the future. But for now, this is Ridgeline’s current idea. 🙂

Book Blurb:

Since I recently altered the premise of Ridgeline and struggle with book blurbs to no end, I don’t have one. But I hope to finish the one I’m working on soon! 😀

Characters (picture them all in medievalish clothing)

Ace (2).jpg
But with curly hair

Ace (Immortalish MC)

Ace is a snarky, mischievous 829-year-old in the body of a teenager. He hasn’t lived inside the human world for very long but has already developed a strong dislike for hard labor. He’s scared of flesh-eating creatures, loves wandering where he’s not supposed to, and hates being called a twerp. In the words of Foxx, “Puzzles, he’s mad. I think he was dropped on his ’ead as a child.”


Height: 6’2

Occupation: Lazy immortal

Is Often Caught: In places he shouldn’t be


Graham (Mentor/Iris’s Love)

Graham is an easy-going young man with the outlook of a realist and the spirit of an optimist. He’s trained at Ridgeline for over a year and is proficient in various fighting styles. He’s stubborn and rather enjoys insulting the intelligence of others, especially if they deserve it and their name is Ace. He doesn’t care for politics and is passionate about doing what’s right. In the words of himself, “I want to live with the wonder of a child, the abandon of a youth, and the wisdom of an elder.” 

Type: ENFJ

Height: 6’7

Occupation: Part-time trainee, part-time library guard, and part-time mentor

Goal: Defend the ridge and turn the new trainee Ace into a half decent human being.

Is Often Caught: Trying to conquer his fear of the dark.

Enter a caption

Iris (Graham’s love interest/Antihero)

Iris is a practical serving maid who simply wants to blend in, but thanks to her unearthly beauty, she rarely stays unnoticed. She spends most her time glaring at simpletons who can’t see beyond the surface. She’s a gardener at heart and would rather be outside the academy walls than inside. According to Ace, “She’s frustrated half the time and murderously angry the rest. I don’t think she likes me.”

Type: ISTJ

Height: 5’6

Occupation: Serving maid/Ace’s babysitter

Goal: Keep Graham safe

Is Often Caught: Relaxing in the garden

Foxx (2)
But with white hair and skin.

Foxx (Healer)

Foxx is a skinny fifteen-year-old healer who is as socially adept as a potato. He’s smarter than most when it comes to medical knowledge and has a habit of drugging people when they bother him. He’s generally wrapped up in his notes, though he notices more than anyone gives him credit for. According to Graham, “The kid needs some sleep. And a sandwich.”

Type: Oh my goodness I forgot to type him. ISTP, perhaps?

Height: 6’1

Goal: Find the cure for Malech’s poison

Is Often Caught: Eagle-spread on his desk, asleep.


Malech (Epic Evil Villain Mwahaha)

Malech is a slightly terrifying villain who thinks taking over the world is as easy as killing (almost) everyone in it. He enjoys looking mysterious and making others work for him. He also has a fondness for playing with children. According to Foxx, “He’s the guy who wants to kill us all.”

Type: INTJ?

Height: 6’8

Occupation: Evil villain, obviously.

Goal: He’d rather not share.

Is Often Caught: Watching the mountain Ridgeline dwells atop. He’s kinda creepy like that.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my characters! Who’s intro was your favorite?  🙂 

Gabrielle R. Pollack

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My Projects_ Ridgeline

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