My Projects: Rook


Rook is the fantasy novel (and my current work-in-progress) that I hope to publish. Here you’ll find my book blurb and the main cast.


Another bodyguard would give anything to protect a lady from the Slate family.

Cocky Rook Warren is afraid of girls, or at least that’s what his fellow bodyguards assume. Thanks to a horrific failure staining his past, Rook has sworn off all female charges and has managed to avoid them for the entirety of his young career. But when he is anonymously–and specifically–requested to protect Amy Slate, the only daughter of a wealthy family of Telir, he is forced to take the job.

Aided by his aloof panther and his perpetually annoyed best friend Peter, Rook starts his mission. He’s determined to escape what he deems an unnecessary task by whatever means available. Unknown to him, however, his protection is all but unneeded.

Another bodyguard would give anything to protect Amy.

Not Rook. Not when he could fail her.


Rook Warren


Rook Warren was born in 1003 A.E. (After Eclipse) and lives in Wyndor, Saner. He’s currently in the employment of Veris as a bodyguard and often works with Peter Grimm. He’s known to be stubborn, hardworking, determined, and challenging to get along with. In the words of Peter, “Rook is good friend, but he never listens to good advice, aka mine.”

Age: 22

Height: 6 foot

Is often caught reading: Surviving the Streets of Rivin: How to blend into a cutthroats culture by A.C. Roan, The Basics of the Dark Spectrum: How to stay alive in the criminal underworld by A. C. Roan, and How to Keep Your Rebellious Pet from Attacking People, by Barry K. Luck

Amy Slate


Amy was born in 1008 A.E. and resides with her mother in Cheelandromeer, Telir. She was previously employed as a scribe under Shane Calloway. She’s known to be kind, firm, and brave. In the words of her mother, “Amy is extremely rebellious.” In the words of Andrew her fiancée, “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Age: 17

Height: 5’5

Is often caught singing: “The Ballad of a Raindrop,” “The Dirge of Willow and Aromar,” and “The Battle of the Eclipse.”

Andrew Tyrin 


Andrew Tyrin was born in 1005 and lives in Arim, Lelo. He currently works as a freelance inventor and is known to be bold, extroverted, and extremely creative. In the words of Amy, “Andrew is smarter than half the scholars I’ve met and deserves more of a chance at fortune than they do. ” In the words of Rook, “He’s a weakling.”

Age: 20

Height: 5’10

Is often caught making: Random healing salves that occasionally work, hair ties for Amy, and paper birds that can’t fly.

Peter Grimm (picture more medieval clothing)


Peter was born in 1005 and lives with his family in Gar, Lelo. He currently works as a bodyguard at Veris. He’s known to be cautious, responsible, and annoyed. In the words of Rook, “He doesn’t understand the value of time. If he did, he wouldn’t spend so much of it with people.”

Age: 20

Height: 5’9

Is often caught saying: “Rook, please don’t…. You did it again.”

Shane Calloway


Shane was born in 990 and lives with his family outside of Cheelandromeer, Telir. He’s currently running for the position of high governor in Telir’s government. He’s known to be relaxed, content, and good-natured. As described by Amy, “He’s a good man.”

Age: 38

Height: 6’5

He’s often caught with: an extra helping of his wife’s cookies.


*Side note: Alto is a Sabe, and Sabes don’t exist (no really). So, I have no picture of him. Just imagine this panther with Sabertooth tusks.


By Rute Martins of Leoa’s Photography ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Alto was born in 1020 and lives with Rook. He begrudgingly works as Rook’s sidekick and is known to be aloof and petty. In the words of Amy, “He would be adorable if he didn’t have seven inch claws.”

Age: 5

Height: 3’2

Is often caught thinking: Mmmmm. You look yummy. But my human says I can’t eat you, so I will not.

Welcome to my world, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you got a kick out of meeting my imaginary friends. 😉 Which character intro did you enjoy the most?

-Gabrielle R. Pollack



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